Sunday, September 2, 2007

Breaching the Boundaries of Propriety

Current Mood: Gung Ho

Current Song: What am I to You by Norah Jones

Well, the house is now empty of cousins and British Folk. There is only the mere overhanging shadow of laughter on this cold dreary vancouver evening. Okay, it's not that bad. But I paint a pretty Dickensian picture don't I? Family left, so now it's back to Normalcy and we all know how I feel about normal.

It has been a bit of a movie weekend. And I have to say, I've been left with a little bit of a women's lib taste in my mouth (take that how you must). Today I got to go see Becoming Jane with some friends. Very enjoyable movie. I like Jane Austen's uncompromising nature in that she does not need to hide her intelligence when faced with the choice. I also like her ability to call out a bad choice such as marrying a man who was a ne'erdowell. We all know how I feel about unworthy men. And Yesterday we watched Chak De India (meaning, Go for it trite). It's basically about a washed up hockey player who takes a group of women's players to the world cup. Thin plot, girl power and all that. The only part that really annoyed me was that when they lost their first match, the whole lot of them started to cry. Please, man up for god's sake! Our one weakness is this emotional thing. Sometimes we should find some way to get past it. it's really quite irritating.
I think that women shouldn't try to be equal to men. We are on different trajectories. To all those people concerned about glass ceilings, just throw your pointiest stiletto at's glass...duh. We are big in our own little ways. And it's those little ways that change the world. So go forth, and nag sisters! I'm just kidding....I like movies that reinforce my sense of self. I rant about them. It's all good.
Anyway, I must be off to wage war on mankind...or sleep, whatever...we'll see where the night goes