Sunday, September 16, 2007

Art in Crisis

Current Mood: I don't think I've been this tired since 1997

Current song: Stronger by Kanye West (that's one good it sounds like robots!)

Don't ask me what happened in 1997. I just remember being really tired all that year :P I just finished a 12 hour study session, with inconsequential breaks in between obviously. That makes 20 hours this weekend. That's nearly an entire day of studying. *sigh*. I have no idea how I'm even going to pull this off.

So, when I was at SFU downtown yesterday, reaching the end of my rope, and my day, a bunch of writers and editors came and sat on the communal couches in the area where I was sitting. They apologized for speaking very loudly and asked me what I was reading. I was reading the roots of capitalism at the time. It's probably the densest piece of work you will ever read. Neo-smithian marxism...I still don't know what that is! (well it's better than the 500 page snooze-fest on the history of globalization).
Anyway, they started talking about how we're living in the age of the fallout of capitalism and that artists still don't get paid enough and how they should have an annual salary despite the amount of work that they do. I was grasping at the last shreds of civility, so I kept my mouth shut. But really! Come on!
I appreciate art and I agree that they are grossly underpaid at times, and many are underappreciated. but in a merit-based society, nothing comes free. If we all have to earn our way, so do you! Plus, with the best of intentions, there is always the bad seed, who can live off of their annual artists' income, and never produce a thing. This has been a pattern in economic and world history, and I dare to say, history repeats itself (In the words of my wise mother, "the past haunts you like a bitch"). So, as a fellow artist, I say, if you want to do good in this world, and want to be recognized, work for it and work hard for it. I know plenty of sucessful artists and they have earned their keep.
Okay, so that's off my chest. I'm off to do my hair and take a much deserved evening off. Although knowing me, I'll be back here soon, reading something else! Darn it!