Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids These Days


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Current Song: Grace Kelly by Mika (it's so old, why is it stuck in my head?)

So, I sometimes catch the bus with a bunch of them little school kids who are going to the highschool. At best, I try not to catch the bus with them because nobody should be subjected to that kind of high pitched screaming early in the morning. I'm quite certain that it's bad for your health. But anyway, sometimes I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the way that they dress. This one little girl was wearing a bolero jacket ("shrug" for those of you not born in 1958), with the smallest tanktop imaginable. Now nothing is wrong with the shrug and tank top, but I think her jeans should have reached to at least her rib cage, because the amount of skin showing embarrassed me and I was fully covered.
I don't want to blame it all on the media. I do however, want to blame some of it on the parents. My mother had the strictest policy when it came to tank tops. If it didn't cover up the top of your arm, you were damned if you were going to wear it! And I'm not saying that we don't. Poor woman has finally come to her senses, although tube tops are completely out of the question. Parents these days set all kinds of limits on their kids, such as tv for only 1 hour, no more than half hour of computer use, purple socks only allowed in the house and what have you. Yet they go and completely ruin their own parenting efforts by buying them racy clothing and expensive gadgetry. In my day (which is not so long ago), celphone were for adults.
And another thing. I saw a little girl dancing very questionably outside in my complex to some of that rock and/or roll. Please talk to your kids about responsible media. Good grief. If I had been dancing like that when i was a kid about her age, I probably wouldn't be alive to bitch about this.
More people should be like my mum....and the many other good parents that we know!

Okay, i'm off to go to school and deal with the beast that is economic theory. My only bright spot today is that the new episode of Greys anatomy is on! yay! Until later!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Get Rich Before You Get Fat


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Current Song: something from an indian movie, which nobody will know. mum got it stuck in my head and now i'm doomed to sing it all day long...

We never learn. That's the conclusion that I have come to. We never really learn do we? Things are bad for us, but temptation always gets the best of us. It's really a sad kind of situation isn't it? When things go well, we never say, "wow, this is exactly where I want to be. Maybe I'll just let go of those things that I don't need in my life....that sounds like a great idea!". But then again, perhaps we don't let them go because we still have to learn from them. Thoughts? I am not referring to anything specific don't worry. I'm just thinking out loud, or on paper, rather.

I went shopping this weekend, despite having an ass-load of work to do. I bought a black sweater as reparation for not being able to leave the house in many days aside from going from one place to another. The sweater is adventurously black. I know, I go crazy with the colours don't i? When i went through my goth phase (okay...i'll wait until you get back on your seat....)
are you on?
When i went through my goth phase, I did nothing but wear black for two years. Then one day I think I went and bought something gray. My mother got so excited, you would have thought somebody just proposed to the hopeless she-troll. Ever since, I've been colours abound. However, black is still comforting. I feel like I can watch people and think things without them knowing. This of course, is not true. But let me have my delusions will you? Anyway, i'm sure I have to go to work. We shall see what kind of day it's going to be. I have this feeling it might be unforgiving. Should I make it out alive, I shall of course, write again.
A bientot mes amis!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Be Stupid


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Well, I'm sick of studying. Sick to death of it already and I'm only in week 3. God help me. Anyway, so the reason for the post today is that I got great relationship advice from a coworker. She happens to be a very painfully witty woman who keeps me entertained when things get a bit dull. Her relationship advice is as follows:
1. Don't be stupid
2. Don't marry a stupid person

I think that's probably the best advice I've ever received. I don't know if I can help it that I'm stupid and probably clueless when it comes to relationships. I think asking me for advice on relationships is probably akin to asking me to cut your hair. It shouldn't be done really. It would be terrible. It's smart advice however. Too many people are stupid and/or they marry stupid people. If it's both, it's an unfortunate farce played on them by god, in which case we can only hope for Darwinian consequences (that's! out of the gene pool!). I wonder why someone up there made stupid people. And furthermore, why they tend to get into relationships.
However, here's a bit of sunshine for you. Divorce rates are down! Now they are some 30 odd percent instead of half the population...yay! there is some glimmer of hope for us yet! Well, as I figure it, if everyone puts some common sense into their decisions, and largely ignores the "stupids", we'll be back to nuclear families in no time (not that it would work for me, but just sayin')
okay, enough about this business....time to get to work...must read Iraqi news before bed! Ciao bellas!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nice Guys


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So I read something yesterday and it's got me all riled up. Of course. It's an email that's been going around for a little while called "Nice Guys Finish Last". It's this sappy-ass thing about how nice guys always finish last. It's supposed to be a testament to all the men who have ever cared about any woman and taken the time to be with her and how nothing ever works out for them. I think it's a bunch of crap. I'm sorry, but I do.

Here is the dilemma as I see it: Nice guys don't finish last because nice guys never started. That's right. Most nice guys are too scared to even start anything. They don't have a right to complain about it. If you weren't in the game, don't complain about losing. It's the stupidest thing you can do. It also depends on the definition of nice. Are you nice because you truly care or do you consider yourself nice because you bring her roses on her birthday? One is more meaningful than the other. Too many guys will classify themselves as nice and yet when it comes to loyalty, they defenestrate their values entirely! And then you ask why we fall for the sleazy ones. The sleazy ones weren't the ones on the bench waiting as life went by. They actually did something!
So if you're a nice guy, and the next time you complain about finishing last, remember my advice. Did you even start in the first place?
Starting a day off on a conniption is seldom a good idea. However I felt that it needed to be addressed. People and their sappy vomit-inducing tripe deserve a tight slap sometimes. Okay, enough of Irritated Woman. I have to get to work. See you all in a few days when i recover from my extremely long day today!
Au Revoir Mes Belles! (mum: that means goodbye my lovelies!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Art in Crisis


Current Mood: I don't think I've been this tired since 1997

Current song: Stronger by Kanye West (that's one good it sounds like robots!)

Don't ask me what happened in 1997. I just remember being really tired all that year :P I just finished a 12 hour study session, with inconsequential breaks in between obviously. That makes 20 hours this weekend. That's nearly an entire day of studying. *sigh*. I have no idea how I'm even going to pull this off.

So, when I was at SFU downtown yesterday, reaching the end of my rope, and my day, a bunch of writers and editors came and sat on the communal couches in the area where I was sitting. They apologized for speaking very loudly and asked me what I was reading. I was reading the roots of capitalism at the time. It's probably the densest piece of work you will ever read. Neo-smithian marxism...I still don't know what that is! (well it's better than the 500 page snooze-fest on the history of globalization).
Anyway, they started talking about how we're living in the age of the fallout of capitalism and that artists still don't get paid enough and how they should have an annual salary despite the amount of work that they do. I was grasping at the last shreds of civility, so I kept my mouth shut. But really! Come on!
I appreciate art and I agree that they are grossly underpaid at times, and many are underappreciated. but in a merit-based society, nothing comes free. If we all have to earn our way, so do you! Plus, with the best of intentions, there is always the bad seed, who can live off of their annual artists' income, and never produce a thing. This has been a pattern in economic and world history, and I dare to say, history repeats itself (In the words of my wise mother, "the past haunts you like a bitch"). So, as a fellow artist, I say, if you want to do good in this world, and want to be recognized, work for it and work hard for it. I know plenty of sucessful artists and they have earned their keep.
Okay, so that's off my chest. I'm off to do my hair and take a much deserved evening off. Although knowing me, I'll be back here soon, reading something else! Darn it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Always Wanted to Be Somebody When I grew up. Now I realize I should have been more specific


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The above quote by Lily Tomlin, a funny funny woman.

I'm having a less than emotional day today. Apparently today is free hug day. One of my coworkers thinks that's revolting. I have to agree. Who wants to hug complete strangers. If you're giving me a free hug, it had better be coming with an iPod or a small economical vehicle. Otherwise, don't touch me if you know what's good for you. Are people so starving for physical affection that they will go to those lengths? Please people, have some self respect!

I also have to say, I'm rather getting sick of reading the scratchings of people who write about dancing in the sun and eating rainbows. There are some people who dwell on some kind of ideal state of love, which I don't think exists. Love is not about some kind of ethereal divine out of this world feeling that you have for someone that is so deep it's basically hurting to breathe. Love is crusty. That's right. Love is a crusty old emotion that grows out of asking how someone's day was and making sure that you leave the last bit of ice cream for them or turning your socks the right side out before putting them in the laundry. So for all you people who write about this ridiculous dance in the sunshine love, we have got to wonder why divorce rates are high. If we all think like this, where is room for reality. Honestly. I may be unromantic, but I know my marriage will last :)

Okay, i'm done ranting. Being an academic brings you back to a different world of thinking and being. I shall go now, and join my fellow mole people as we borough on ahead through a tunnel of knowledge and timbits! Until soon (I hope)!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thus Begins My Descent Into the World of the Mole People (Grad Students)


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Well, I've nearly made it through my first week of graduate school without crying. The work however, is not helping. I might crack under the pressure of the workload. Reading about instituting market economies is making my eyes fall right out of my head. I've got an intense weekend of studying coming up. I haven't quite figured out when I'm going to take my breaks. I may give myself an evening or so just to recover, but that all depends on a host of other things. Work is not helping either. But what can you do. Such is the life of one as talented as I am (and no, I haven't even lost an ounce of my modesty in the process!)

Interesting skytrain story anyone? So, yesterday I was on the skytrain and there were these two youth talking about the US and their claim to calling French Fries Freedom Fries shortly after 9-11 to express their anti-French sentiment. Okay, they didn't say all of that, but still I thought you should know. Anyway, so these two went on and on about how they might go to the states and ask for french fries just to spite the Americans. One of them expressed "French fries will always remain french!". At this point I nearly fell out of my seat. I wanted to point out to them that French Fries were actually a Belgian invention and not a french one. I have no idea why they have french in their name. But who am I to argue with history (when I do, I look crazy). I of course didn't say anything. I think perhaps the most amusing part was the conviction with which this was expressed. It's as if, they were french fry historians and anyone that claimed to know anything about them would quickly be shot down with marvelously sparkling evidence of root vegetable immersion in fat. Oy vey. Some people....

I told you amusing skytrain stories would start! Anyway, I'm off to the gallows. I will write again sometime over the weekend or next week. Have a fantastic day if you must!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School


Current Mood: Exhausted!

Current Song: No songs today, just much thinking.

So, today is the end of my first day of school. It was hectic. I worked for the morning, and then attended class, and then went to a wine and cheese event. I am completely exhausted and so excited to be part of this silliness.
Yes, I still love school. Possibly more than I did before. I actually found the industrialization theory today fascinating. I have to be the biggest geek that ever walked the planet. It's going to get very hectic very soon, so I'll really have to buckle down.
I'm sad to say however, that books are still expensive, and fees, even more so! On top of being expensive, those stupid books are heavy too. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when we found out some of the books were "recommended" texts. Nobody actually reads those no matter what you're doing.
I'm also sad to say that the people on the skytrain still suck. Generally, no room, crowds, rude people. And then there are those people who tell you their life story without ever meaning to. Did I need to know that the red-haired lady has mortgage issues? I'm one to keep my problems to myself. I never did understand those folks that have a rather compulsive need to let everyone in a 10 metre radius from them know about their lives.
Ah, the skytrain. I guess you'll be hearing a few more stories about it when I resurface every now and then from now on.
I can't believe it. Life is weird.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Breaching the Boundaries of Propriety


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Well, the house is now empty of cousins and British Folk. There is only the mere overhanging shadow of laughter on this cold dreary vancouver evening. Okay, it's not that bad. But I paint a pretty Dickensian picture don't I? Family left, so now it's back to Normalcy and we all know how I feel about normal.

It has been a bit of a movie weekend. And I have to say, I've been left with a little bit of a women's lib taste in my mouth (take that how you must). Today I got to go see Becoming Jane with some friends. Very enjoyable movie. I like Jane Austen's uncompromising nature in that she does not need to hide her intelligence when faced with the choice. I also like her ability to call out a bad choice such as marrying a man who was a ne'erdowell. We all know how I feel about unworthy men. And Yesterday we watched Chak De India (meaning, Go for it trite). It's basically about a washed up hockey player who takes a group of women's players to the world cup. Thin plot, girl power and all that. The only part that really annoyed me was that when they lost their first match, the whole lot of them started to cry. Please, man up for god's sake! Our one weakness is this emotional thing. Sometimes we should find some way to get past it. it's really quite irritating.
I think that women shouldn't try to be equal to men. We are on different trajectories. To all those people concerned about glass ceilings, just throw your pointiest stiletto at's glass...duh. We are big in our own little ways. And it's those little ways that change the world. So go forth, and nag sisters! I'm just kidding....I like movies that reinforce my sense of self. I rant about them. It's all good.
Anyway, I must be off to wage war on mankind...or sleep, whatever...we'll see where the night goes