Thursday, August 16, 2007

The World is Ugly. Wear Makeup

Current Mood: Violated. I've already been accosted by both family members early in the morning.

Current Song: Everybody gonna Dance (stupid Paul McCartney...stupidest song ever...)

I was rather amused yesterday. I think i'm quickly gaining favour as the favourite in the family. We were driving back from an appointment and my sister has been playing the hairspray CD every chance she gets. Hairspray is a musical. We all know I hate musicals and despite the music being well written, I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than listen to it. But I shut up about it once in a while and let her have her fun. She has to give me her first born anyway. So, we're listening and we're close to home and my mom switches off the CD because I think she just had it. So my sister starts her Whine and Cheese parade and I loudly state that mum prefers my music to hers. And my mother actually said Yes!!! HA HA! She would rather listen to weirdo music that I play in the car than musicals. I'm starting to gain the upper hand I tells ya. Soon I'll be the one that gets the bigger helping of pasta! Take That!!

I'm only kidding by the way. I don't mean most of what I said. Most

I also have a request for the general public that is wandering around town at this point. Since it's a bit warm outside, please don't smell bad. Please? Let's put it this way. If everyone else smells lovely, and you don't, you're not "unique". You're "smelly". There are a variety of different things you can do to fix this situation. Showering is a very good one. Others might include using perfume or deoderant. Just a suggestion that you aren't the only one wandering around town. If you were, I wouldn't write this blog. Thanks again for your consideration.

Okay, I'm off for the day. I have to go do this thing called work. Oh, the gaul of these people!


Anonymous said...

naturemade is beauty.
manmade is polution.
the world was made a beauty by nature. man made it ugly through polution