Sunday, August 26, 2007


Current Mood: Tired, too long a weekend for my taste sometimes....

Current song: Mujko Mauff by Hariharan (means forgive me)

It's been a cumbersome week. It's a lot of running around, most of it fun, but some of it just plain old tiring. I have been engulfed in all things family, which makes you wonder really. But as long as there is good food, you can't go too much on the wayward.

Saturday was a day at Lonsdale Quay. I haven't been on the seabus since I first came to Canada. For some reason, i've never really been tempted to venture out to North Vancouver. We all know how I feel about North Vancouver. It's so white bread that I can't be bothered clambering up hills to get places. If you can't find it in Vancouver, you won't find it on a mountain, so just give it up. Anyway, North Van is nice, if for a little while. I liked the quay. we suggested to our british cousins that we go to an authentic british restaurant. It seems like a wild idea doesn't it?

And then today, we packed th car up and went to rocky point. yes again. Yes, it was fun. yes, I ate too much. then we went on a giant walk through some park woods and nearly ended up on the other side of the water. frightening considering i have a ridiculous sense of direction. That place is strange. I'm sure you could scream bloody murder and nobody would hear you. I have a few ideas if I want someone whacked.

I realize that if I did everything that I thought about I would be put away somewhere for a long time. Good thing I have better reflexes than thoughts.
Okay, one last week left before school and then the insanity ensues. I will try and breathe deeply for the rest of the week and then I'll be tossed to the winds. Hope to keep on blogging!