Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Roger, My Unreliable Boyfriend

Current Mood: Irritated

Current Song: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley (because I may actually be losing it)

What a crazy and irritating day it's been. I've been a bit out of sorts the last day or so, largely for reasons I care not to share with the public, but today I think really put the cherry on the cake. I think that Rogers Wireless is like a really bad boyfriend. So unreliable. I have been trying to get my new phone for the last month. Literally. Rogers is like men. They don't call when they say they're going to, they're never ready on time when they said they would. It's one constant let down after another. When I went in last week and they actually had the phone that I wanted, their system stopped working or something. I glibly said to the guy, that I have commitment problems and rogers is the longest relationship that I have ever been in. The nice lady beside me started to chuckle.
Today I was close to committing some sort of crime. So now, I must wait another week until they get their act together.

It's been sort of a hideous ride actually. I'm wishing that things would change. Apparently, according to my fortune cookie, The solution to my problem will be obvious. I didn't know I had a problem. But i'll welcome any unwarranted solutions!

Okay anyway. I think i may actually have some things to do this evening. So I shall be off then. Until a later date!