Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Men in My Life

Current Mood: Amused

Current Song: Koyal by Nitin Sawhney

So today I've decided to public declare my TV crushes and I'm sure that you're going to start to see a pretty distict pattern I think. Since I don't have a life, I spend my time with these men. And they're good company because they don't piss me off :)

George Stroumboulopoulos (Yes I spelled it right) - The intellectual bad boy. I like him because he's super smart, and edgy, but not too primped. Plus he wears my favourite two colours all the time: red and black. What's not to love?

John Stewart - He's hilarious. If you married a man like that you would be eternally amused. I plan on being the other woman. I know most of his material is written by his writers for the show, but he is a really funny interviewee and super-savvy. Again, what's not to love.

Niles Crane - He's such a wimp, but I love his hair! That and his little sarcastic retorts to his father and Roz. He's kind of prissy, but he's got a refinement that I kind of admire (more than his brother anyway).

Mr. Sheffield - He's british and rich. There's nothing more to it!

Travis Storch - Yes, still, nobody has been able to replace him as the hottest doctor in my life. He was too good for Jenn. I'm sticking with it. Best Bachelor ever!

Zack Morris - I loved him because he had blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, because he ordered pizza in class on his really huge celphone. The badboy I would never end up with (I make better decisions than that people! ) but would have a crush on all my life :)

Mark Sloane - So that thing I said about Travis, well, I kind of cheated on him with Mark Sloane. He makes blood and guts sexy. Also, his eyes twinkle when he smiles. Sure he's a cheater, but have ya seen him ??

I think that's it for those TV crushes. Of course, there are the real men in my life, all of who are amazing, wonderful, funny and smart men. Some of them are terrible decision makers, but those are the ones who I can yell at that end up listening to me. Women, there really isn't such a shortage as we think. You just have to find them, that's all (you're welcome, boys)

Okay, time to go work out before I start to expand needlessly. Seacrest Out!