Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Limitless Possibilities

Current Mood: Earachey

Current Song: Gloveslap from The Simpsons

I noticed something about myself today. I'm a limit pusher. I constantly push the limits of other people just to see how far they are willing to go for me before they run away. I'm not sure what it is. It's a funny revelation that has come to me over the last day or so. I find that I tend to push and push until I feel like people won't be able to stand it anymore. It must be my way of proving that they are worth my time and energy. What a weirdo I am. But then again i hear a lot of people who do that kind of thing. Pushing limits is not always a bad thing. I constantly do it to see how far I myself will go. Often the results aren't disastrous which is a good thing isn't it. I generally tend to set new horizons of achievement for myself. Not always the crappiest thing in the world.

You know who pushes my limits though? That stupid kid on the bus. He talks to every stranger he can possibly find and then some. Then he's super loud and annoying. He has never spoken to me maybe because the looks that I give him could burn a hole through his head. Well, it's really his own fault for being so damned loud! One day I'll crack and say something to his mother like "if you're going to let your kid talk to strangers, can they also give him candy?" I hate people.

Anyway, I've been eating meat for the last week so I'm starting to feel a bit like a cow myself. But off we are to eat barbecue in about 10 minutes time. *SIGH* Pray for me.