Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Think "I May Have Problems" is an Understatement

Current Mood: I'm shaking for absolutely no reason

Current Song: Lips of An's not a good way to start off the sunny day

So I think I may really have some commitment issues. For the second time in the last few years I have dreamt that I ran out on my own wedding. I'll tell you how this one started off. For some reason i did something that constitutes questionable behaviour, and one of my aunts (I won't say which), arranged for me to get married to a nice brown boy. For those of you who have watched Bollywood/Hollywood, you'll remember Killer Khalsa. Well that's what my husband looked like! Ack! So I snuck out during the engagement ceremony never to return. The previous dream I had had I ran out on a really nice boy during the reception. At least now it's getting less showy and I won't actually run out one day. But this must be some underlying issue that I have. Lord help me. I go about not interested, or vaguely interested in relationships and am so low maintenance, nothing can be maintained. The minute things intensify I run for the hills. I'll end up alone, and that's okay with me. I could always adopt a Malawian kid :) According to my mother I'm going to marry a nice big dude, who could carry me (yes, with a FORK LIFT!). So apparently I'm marrying Paul Bunyan.

What can you do in this day and age.
I'm contemplating going to the fireworks this weekend with my sister. We've both been dying to go and nobody seems to be keen on it that I know of. Oh well. And plus it's amazing weather lately. I don't feel like impaling myself on something as a result. That's always a bonus right?
Alrighty I think I shall be off. Things to prepare before work begins.

Also, somebody send me a good song vibe. This lips of an angel thing is killing me softly with his song! Ciao!