Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Hate Criers!

Current Mood: So tired, so so tired

Current Song: Breakdown by Jack Johnson

So, I think I might be mildly aggitated this week. I have been watching some reality TV, and I use the word "some" very loosely - and I've noticed how many people cause a big fussy crying scene all over the place. Stupid shows. I'm referring in this particular instance to Amber on Big Brother. if somebody dropped a piece of cheese on the ground while making their sandwich, she would cry about it in the diary room and profess eternal love for that piece of cheese. I hate her. Yes we get it that you're a single mother yack yack, but PLEASE have some self restraint!
I also hate it when men cry. For some reason I just can't stand it. I think my main reasoning for that would be if I can suck it up, so can you. Does that sound mean? Well, it's supposed to be! I especially hate it when they cry on those wedding shows. "I promise to love you *sniff* and honour you *sniff* all the days of my life *sob*". Oh get over it!
Now, it's fine to cry sometimes. i remember that one day in my life I cried. Yeah, that's a memorable day...anyway. It's fine to cry if say, you got a bad haircut or you're dying of some kind of terrible illness or you slammed your hand in the car door. All good reasons for crying even if you are a boy. But other than a truly valid reason, if you start to cry when you're around me, I will not think twice of slapping you upside the head. It'll probably make you cry more, but at least you'll have a good reason then.
As one of my good friends would say, "emotions are overrated". I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment!
anyway, I probably will be busy busy all weekend. Still contemplating making my way to the fireworks. it may just be a last minute decision. Who knows. i'm spontaneous like that. Okay, time's a-ticking. I'm off for some much needed rest. Until after the weekend!