Monday, August 13, 2007

Diamonds Are Forever

Current Mood: It's too early to pick sides yet so, meh....

Current Song: Without Love (because Zoyah has been singing it for days...i hate musicals!)

So we watched Blood Diamond this weekend. It's a really good movie. Kind of sad, and a bit bloody, but really really good. Leo does a good job, aside from the accent that keeps slipping. But then again, doing a South African accent can't be easy I'm sure. I can't even do a proper british one, so one can only imagine. I didn't know very much about Blood Diamonds, but now I do, so anyone wanting to get me some diamonds (Hint, hint), please make sure they are certified and conflict free. Diamonds are supposed to be my birthstone, but I find them so unthrilling and plain. I'll stick to my Tanzanite thank you.

This week marks the beginning of a bunch of craziness. I'm going to have so much to do with the family coming down and school starting up. I haven't bought books yet, which make me feel like I'm going to hyperventilate! Seriously, my organizational skills are completely being tested. Let's see if I can pull through without falling flat on my face. Here goes....

Anyway, terribly busy week ahead. I'm literally scheduling time in to wash my hair (I know, crazy). I shall try and blog when I can, probably some time in the middle of the week, I'll start being funny again or something. Alright, until later!