Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ah, I Remember Being 25 Was All About Scabby Knees and Ice Cream

Current Mood: meh...

Current Song: Zombie by Cranberries (You heard right, brown people!)

So I have a big bloody scabby knee. I tend to scrape my right knee every 5 years or so. Not sure. It must be God's reminder to me that I'm not him. Fine. He wins this round. I'm passing it off as a ninja-related injury or a skateboarding accident. You can choose, because the real story is way too embarrassing. Can't a young woman walk down a dark alleyway at 3 in the morning without being accosted by Ninjas? Jeez. What has the world come to these days. And then I nearly fell over while zoyah and I were out for our morning walk. I'm kind of a calamity this week. Must be the neurotic shaking and the general lack of self-restraint I've been showing lately. I don't quite understand myself sometimes.

Anyway, so today we have family coming over for dinner. So mum's been cooking since yesteryear and has us all in on the charade. Family dinners are a weird little endeavour. Not only must you cook for them, but you must clean your house from top to bottom, lest they look in your linen closet for whatever reason. So I got the fun job of vacuuming the entire bottom floor. I know, my life is thus far very exciting. I want to go to sleep now. I'm tired already but there is more to be done! More!

I guess I had better get going. I probably need to clean under the fridge in case somebody falls flat on their face and accidentally looks under there. So, until sometime next week, Ciao!