Sunday, July 15, 2007

You're an Orbmaster?!

Current Mood: Marvelously cognisant of the fact that life is about to take one hell of a turn (it's been too quiet...trouble's brewing)

Current Song: Weak in the Knees by Serena Ryder

Another movie filled weekend. On saturday I watched the Namesake with my family. Excellent movie, good actors. As always I liked the book better. Always I like the book better. Movies are the lazy man's literature. Also watched the new Harry Potter. I thought there would be a huge crowd waiting to see it. Apparently not. We happened to be the 2nd ones in. I don't understand though, how people can eat popcorn at 11 A.M. Your gut has to have some kind of severe ignorance to nutrition for you to be able to chug down that stuff that early in the morning...yuck! Anyway, movie was pretty good. Still not my favourite, but coming up close!

I did have quite the scare when i woke up on Sunday morning. I went down the stairs and found my mum wrestling with the money plant. I hate that money plant. It's positively virulant. It has grown so large, that nothing seems to be enough to hold it up. My mom was sticking poles together with masking tape in order to get it climbing. The leaves are as BIG AS MY HAND! Now it's crawling about the ceiling. I have a bad feelin' about that bugger. It kind of looks like it's long enough to climb the stairs and get your ankle when you're sleeping and drag you to your watery grave (Not sure why the grave is watery...i'm just rolling with it)....It's on steroids I swear...creepy creepy plant....

Anyway..time's to bed I go....we'll see how the week pans out...