Monday, July 2, 2007

Story of my Life: Everything's mildly phallic

Current Mood: Ow from hauling stuff around the house....owie owie....

Current Song: Blind by Mega Bass

Heavens to Betsy! What a weekend. It was different for many reasons. First of all, nobody sulked through the whole weekend and we actually all got along. We did what we usually do with long weekends in the summer. Move the House around!
We went to Ikea yesterday, which rocked! I love that place. So many useless things to buy, so little time! I bought a new, much needed computer chair. The name had no vowels in's was something like scrvnch or something. It has new car smell :) I love it...I entirely fit inside it even if i hug my knees. It's going to make a great reading chair. Plus I can roll from the computer to the bed, and hop in when it's time to sleep. It completely eliminates the need for legs!
Zoyah bought a new shelf for her room and got rid of most of her furniture. It rules. Of course, I did most of the putting together of it with her. That was a task and a half and took up more energy than I actually had. It completely pays to be a glamazon! Not only are we beautiful, but we're bloody handy around the house. I will take a picture and post it up. It's spectacular. We had many a laugh with inappropriately phrased sentences making use of the word "screw"...such as "I'll tip it if you screw". To that, my mother started snickering. I swear the woman is secretly a ten year old boy. I have decided that I will buy all my furniture from Ikea when I have a house because how cool is that place? I'm just going to take a few things and move into that store...if anyone needs me, I'll be helping myself in bedding department :)
Good weekend overall, but my muscles are going to pay the price tomorrow!
Well, back I go to move the rest of these things....until my fingers have enough energy to type again!


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