Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Taking up Crafts...Doilies Anyone?

Current Mood: Stifled....I feel like screaming

Current Song: 4 Seasons by Penn Masala

Well, I feel like dying. The last few days have had me worried for no particularly relevant reason. I think I haven't worried for a while now about anything, and I seem to be catching up fast. Looming anxiety. Damn family genes! If only I didn't care so much! Not sure what it is. Whatever comes crashing through the door in the next few days, will probably be it, and I'll be sure to report it. I'm bored to no end as well, which probably leaves a lot of room for me to feel uneasy. I'm going to take up crafts. I'll start by making doilies. Mind you they won't be very good because I have no patience. I'm not the scrapbook queen. You know of whom I speak.

So, there is something that's been on my mind for a while, that I haven't had a chance to comment on. It's dominated the newswires and it's the death of Shemina Hirji. Just a note that all the opinions on this blog belong to me and are not a reflection of those of other people or entities. I think it's very sad that things have to be like this. In the preliminary workings of the case, I was sad to hear that the marriage was not fully supported by the families. I'm speaking in particular about that, and not about the developments since. I'm not sure that this is fair to anyone anymore. If you have particular reasons for choosing to marry into your own faith, I support that. I believe in choice of course and why shouldn't everyone have it. Culture and religion is a constantly evolving entity. As an Ismaili, I know and recognize this very well. Along with the world, we have to learn to adapt. Afterall, that's what evolution is and it's likely in our best interest. I am not condoning forgetting where we come from. My culture is rich is tradition and heritage, both of which are respected. I'm strangely lucky to have both a muslim heritage and an indian one. But now I also have a Canadian heritage that will play into my life in the future. It's sad that living in the times where we do, where we are finally learning to come to terms with the proximity of the world around us, that there are still pockets of this. We live in Canada. For immigrants, it's the country that has chosen to accept us and indeed in many ways embodies the tolerance that we should learn to take on. Nobody has ever refused me a day off to celebrate Eid. Think about if they did. Learn to accept people, or else we'll end up destroying ourselves.
Okay, time to go for a run (speaking of tolerance...ugh!)
Talk soon!