Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Scene!

Current Mood: No more reading!

Current Song: Stupid Family Guy theme song

I pulled a complete couch troll marathon today. I finished (yes, finished) the Harry Potter final book. I started some time on Thursday and didn't get much reading done until today and I finally finished the book. The ending was....clean...and partly unnecessary. However, I guess we can credit JK for succumbing to the people's will. That's all I'm gonna say about that, since people who might read this blog might think that this is some kind of spoiler. In which case, i think it would be too late to say spoiler alert wouldn't it....oh well. So I haven't actually read that intensely since I finished school. It was rather an experience and I'm bracing myself for what is coming for me in a month's time (oh school...*sigh*). It shall indeed be an interesting time in my life I should think. Who knew I would be pursuing grad school. Well, I've completely gone off on a tangent in one paragraph. On to the next paragraph!

See how smooth a transition i just made? I'm having one of those funny standing-still-in-time moments again where I look back at the last few years and see how much has changed. I'm not sure why that happens more and more. But how much do we change. I guess Harry Potter does relate to Life Lessons afterall. I think there are several good lessons for children in those books. I like the one where nobody is perfect. That one always is imbued with a bit of hope and a bit of sorrow for me. It's the one lesson that allows me to brace myself against expectations that people have of me and I of them. It's not a cop out by any means. I just think that we should allow people their moments of weakness and allow them the benefit of the doubt. I have said that quite a lot in the past and I quite believe it now too. Strange, this growing up in one weekend. In the meanwhile, I'm exhausted. Who knew reading was such an intense activity. Well, my wits seek some sleep...until I find strength to write again....ciao!