Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Scene!


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I pulled a complete couch troll marathon today. I finished (yes, finished) the Harry Potter final book. I started some time on Thursday and didn't get much reading done until today and I finally finished the book. The ending was....clean...and partly unnecessary. However, I guess we can credit JK for succumbing to the people's will. That's all I'm gonna say about that, since people who might read this blog might think that this is some kind of spoiler. In which case, i think it would be too late to say spoiler alert wouldn't it....oh well. So I haven't actually read that intensely since I finished school. It was rather an experience and I'm bracing myself for what is coming for me in a month's time (oh school...*sigh*). It shall indeed be an interesting time in my life I should think. Who knew I would be pursuing grad school. Well, I've completely gone off on a tangent in one paragraph. On to the next paragraph!

See how smooth a transition i just made? I'm having one of those funny standing-still-in-time moments again where I look back at the last few years and see how much has changed. I'm not sure why that happens more and more. But how much do we change. I guess Harry Potter does relate to Life Lessons afterall. I think there are several good lessons for children in those books. I like the one where nobody is perfect. That one always is imbued with a bit of hope and a bit of sorrow for me. It's the one lesson that allows me to brace myself against expectations that people have of me and I of them. It's not a cop out by any means. I just think that we should allow people their moments of weakness and allow them the benefit of the doubt. I have said that quite a lot in the past and I quite believe it now too. Strange, this growing up in one weekend. In the meanwhile, I'm exhausted. Who knew reading was such an intense activity. Well, my wits seek some sleep...until I find strength to write again....ciao!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Facts of Life


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So, I was just sitting around and thought that there are some facts to life that exist that we almost never acknowledge and yet they fall soooo true. Here are some of them (No, not those facts of life. grow up. you're not in grade 2 anymore).

1. Intellectual Snobs hate other intellectual snobs: It's true. When you meet someone who has an air of defiant know-it-allness, you immediately don't take to them. Which for me, is odd because I'm one of them. We completely have this double-standard for ourselves. Intellectual snobs here defined as people who generally shun the bourgeois, know the name of at least one fancy cheese (camembert, check), often have a smug self-righteous look on their face (check) and didn't have to check up "recalcitrant". Oh how I love my fellow snobs!

2. Whether you like it or not, you end up turning into your mother. This is very true. Just look at me! I'm nearly there. And people comment on it all the time. i think we've been living together for too long...time to move out!

3. God generally opens a door for you to walk through, and then stands around the corner with his foot out to trip you. Just when everything goes right, everything goes wrong. Isn't that the truth? I find it very irritating that fate likes to muck about with my grand plan. Sure keeps me on my toes!

4. They all come out of the woodwork when you're at your worst. I have one bad hair day and suddenly the cutest guy on the skytrain starts to flirt with me. I go to the grocery store with sweatpants on and the guy at the counter chats me up. I don't understand the twisted logic. All I know is, I wish there would be more bad hair days.

5. Most of us wish we could be Oprah's dog: That dog has got to have the sweetest life. Doing nothing, living in a big house, having everyone run about doing things for you. Sure, you might want to be Oprah too, but she actually has to work, and I'm not so fond of that prospect. What a great life to have....

Anyway, I best be off. Things to do, people to annoy. See you all in a few days!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kwik E Mart and Bad Movies


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My life dream has finally been fulfilled. I finally got to go to the Kwik E Mart and it didn't rain down on my head. That has to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me (which makes my existence really really sad). Some man also asked whether that was the highlight of our weekend, and I said that yes, that was pretty much it. By the way, the donut is disgusting...but you gotta eat one! So, a picture of Zoyah and me outside the KEM.
Then, in the evening I settled down to watch Van Helsing. That was probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Okay, fine, the special effects were pretty okay. The plot however, took every archetypal scary thing from literary history and stuck it into one movie. Doesn't sound like a recipe for disaster. Well, it was! Just to give you a bit of the plot, Van Helsing sets out to kill dracula who is hiding out in Frankenstein's castle and trying to look for Frankenstein's monster to harness all his power to bring his children to life (who, by the way, look like a cross between bats and gargoyles). Somewhere in the middle of it all, Van Helsing gets bitten by the Werewolf and has to contend with that....sound stupid.....well, it sure was. I'm glad I hadn't paid money to see it. I remember dying to see it because I recognized the name Van Helsing from the original dracula book. Wooo, there is a God, and he knew that would be a mistake....
anyway, that's two blogs to start of yer weeks. So I'm out for a couple of days...catch you soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Life as a Simpsons Character


Current Mood: Elated
Current Song: Who needs the Kwik-e-Mart

So, first of all, before I say ANYTHING, I am now a Simpsons Character. For those of you who haven't found this site, go quickly to You have to register and upload a photo which it makes into you! I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. So below is an idea of what my family would look like as Simpsons characters! It's a lot of fun, and very time consuming....but a lot of fun...I have to say, I make a rockin' Simpsons character!

Tomorrow, Zoyah and I are visiting the Kwik-E-Mart in Coquitlam and even if it's pouring, we're going to get Squishees and disgusting pink sprinkled donuts. I'm so glad to be alive for this.

So, anyway, the new Harry Potter is out. I got up very early in order to get it for Zoyah. This is the last and final one, and so we shall see how the whole thing ends. Hopefully it ends well. Because the last thing I would want to do is disappoint millions of people. J.K. Rowling is not a great writer, but she is a good storyteller, and Zoyah and I discussed that we would probably never read anything else by her if it was going to be written up. I just don't believe in giving her that much credit.
And so on we go. That is about the most exciting thing that has happened to me so far. Zoyah's final concert was yesterday and I had to do a bit of stage managing. Which went, as well as it could have gone. It was very crowded in the concert hall though. Over capacity. Which is nice to see, frankly. Everything is over, and now I can have my Sunday back! yay!
Anyway, I'm going to go and have a bath or something....Will be sure to put up Kwik E mart photos when I take em!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Taking up Crafts...Doilies Anyone?


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Current Song: 4 Seasons by Penn Masala

Well, I feel like dying. The last few days have had me worried for no particularly relevant reason. I think I haven't worried for a while now about anything, and I seem to be catching up fast. Looming anxiety. Damn family genes! If only I didn't care so much! Not sure what it is. Whatever comes crashing through the door in the next few days, will probably be it, and I'll be sure to report it. I'm bored to no end as well, which probably leaves a lot of room for me to feel uneasy. I'm going to take up crafts. I'll start by making doilies. Mind you they won't be very good because I have no patience. I'm not the scrapbook queen. You know of whom I speak.

So, there is something that's been on my mind for a while, that I haven't had a chance to comment on. It's dominated the newswires and it's the death of Shemina Hirji. Just a note that all the opinions on this blog belong to me and are not a reflection of those of other people or entities. I think it's very sad that things have to be like this. In the preliminary workings of the case, I was sad to hear that the marriage was not fully supported by the families. I'm speaking in particular about that, and not about the developments since. I'm not sure that this is fair to anyone anymore. If you have particular reasons for choosing to marry into your own faith, I support that. I believe in choice of course and why shouldn't everyone have it. Culture and religion is a constantly evolving entity. As an Ismaili, I know and recognize this very well. Along with the world, we have to learn to adapt. Afterall, that's what evolution is and it's likely in our best interest. I am not condoning forgetting where we come from. My culture is rich is tradition and heritage, both of which are respected. I'm strangely lucky to have both a muslim heritage and an indian one. But now I also have a Canadian heritage that will play into my life in the future. It's sad that living in the times where we do, where we are finally learning to come to terms with the proximity of the world around us, that there are still pockets of this. We live in Canada. For immigrants, it's the country that has chosen to accept us and indeed in many ways embodies the tolerance that we should learn to take on. Nobody has ever refused me a day off to celebrate Eid. Think about if they did. Learn to accept people, or else we'll end up destroying ourselves.
Okay, time to go for a run (speaking of tolerance...ugh!)
Talk soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

You're an Orbmaster?!


Current Mood: Marvelously cognisant of the fact that life is about to take one hell of a turn (it's been too quiet...trouble's brewing)

Current Song: Weak in the Knees by Serena Ryder

Another movie filled weekend. On saturday I watched the Namesake with my family. Excellent movie, good actors. As always I liked the book better. Always I like the book better. Movies are the lazy man's literature. Also watched the new Harry Potter. I thought there would be a huge crowd waiting to see it. Apparently not. We happened to be the 2nd ones in. I don't understand though, how people can eat popcorn at 11 A.M. Your gut has to have some kind of severe ignorance to nutrition for you to be able to chug down that stuff that early in the morning...yuck! Anyway, movie was pretty good. Still not my favourite, but coming up close!

I did have quite the scare when i woke up on Sunday morning. I went down the stairs and found my mum wrestling with the money plant. I hate that money plant. It's positively virulant. It has grown so large, that nothing seems to be enough to hold it up. My mom was sticking poles together with masking tape in order to get it climbing. The leaves are as BIG AS MY HAND! Now it's crawling about the ceiling. I have a bad feelin' about that bugger. It kind of looks like it's long enough to climb the stairs and get your ankle when you're sleeping and drag you to your watery grave (Not sure why the grave is watery...i'm just rolling with it)....It's on steroids I swear...creepy creepy plant....

Anyway..time's to bed I go....we'll see how the week pans out...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happily We Trod On


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Current song: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

The heat is insufferable. Last night I slept with no pants on. I'm serious. Don't imagine it. Just let's move on shall we? Human beings are never happy are they. I am wishing for the fall, and then when my socks get wet from the rain, I'm going to wish for something else. I need to get it together.

Yesterday was Golden Jubilee. Those of you who are strangers to the Ismaili Faith, this is the 50 year mark for the Aga Khan's ascension to the throne as the leader of the Ismailis. It was a big deal. A big, sweaty deal. Seeing as our day had started before dawn with prayers, by about 7 at night, I wanted to lie down on the carpet and fall asleep. Difficult for 2 reasons: First, I'm 25 not 5. Second, it's hard to look inconspicuous while lying down in front of 15,000 Ismailis. So I refrained as best I could. BC Place had no aircon because the power had gone out of them. That, coupled with the fact that it was a furious 36 degrees outside, made for some interesting times. Overall, I am happy to have gone and to have been part of the experience. There is something humanizing about the fact that there is something bigger than yourself in this world. No denying it. Trust me, the way my life has gone in the last few months, I'd be stupid not to believe it.

Other than that, not too many things have changed in my small and insubstantial existence. I am waiting for the day when I can thrill you with news of my glorious escapades, whatever those will be. Perhaps next year at this time I'll be writing from some place across the world. You never know with the ways things go do you really? In the meanwhile I'll have to continue to live in my reality show infested life. Yes! Big Brother is on Today!

Anyway, I feel a breeze outside. I better go and catch it!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Best Chick Flick is the Kind Where Stuff Gets Blown Up!


Current Mood: Amped

Current Song: What I've Done by Linkin Park

Never has my inner boy been so happy as it is today. It got its complete satisfaction when I went to see Transformers. Let's just say, it completely lived up to the hype. Most of you know that I would much rather watch stuff get smashed up than watch a romantic comedy. All I want to do now is go and fly a plane. I don't think I'll ever look at a truck the same way again. The plot is mildly hard to believe, seeing as giant changeling robots are involved. If you watch it for nothing else, then at least watch it for the special effects. They are to die for. That and it has robots that change into stuff. I have my dose of testosterone. I think there is an opening for a sequal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I also went to see Ratatouille with my sister yesterday. It's a really fun movie to watch. It's right up there on my list with Finding Nemo. You'll get a thrill out of it as well. I recommend this as well. Next week, Harry Potter! That should cover me for movies for the rest of the month....
Other than that, this is a terribly busy week. I'll likely be running around again for the next few days. Hopefully these allergies can leave me a little more productive than I feel right now. My head feels like it's stuffed with lead....ah well....Perhaps I'll go and take a nap and dream about cars turning into robots turning into planes...I love you Optimus Prime!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Some People Play Tennis. I Erode the Human Soul


Current Mood: Sneezy.

Current Song: Down in a Cold, Dirty Well by Justin Nozuka

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRYSTYNA! I hope you have a great day! Just thought to shout out to you over there in the accounting department :)

Ever feel like someone took your spine in the middle of the night. I'm having trouble sitting upright today for some reason. Maybe it's because I just woke up. Oh yes, and I didn't sleep at all last night. I have to stop drinking coffee past 3 in the afternoon. It really keeps me up. Stupid Mocha Frappuccino! You ruined my life! So now, for the next 2 days I'm going to wander around half asleep. Great. Like I didn't have enough problems to start with!

The weather has taken a nice turn. It's good to see the sun after so long. However, in a couple of weeks, it's likely going to get unbearable and then I'll start complaining until september. you know how I am eh.

So I had my monthly meeting with my good friend. And we were talking about how terrified men are of independent women. She said she had never thought so, but they really need to be up to a challenge if they decide to pursue us. What exactly is it about my independence that's so scary? Men, you're not obsolete. You're just....demoted to accessory status. I'm not sure I fully understand. I would want my partner to be a full and complete human being with his own life, likes, dislikes and all of that other bother. People don't complete eachother. Don't be afraid of me. I don't bite....hard.... :P Glad to have been raised by strong women. Gives you a bit of substance and weight (not literally!)
Anyway, off I go to Pilates my way into pain! Until later!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Story of my Life: Everything's mildly phallic


Current Mood: Ow from hauling stuff around the house....owie owie....

Current Song: Blind by Mega Bass

Heavens to Betsy! What a weekend. It was different for many reasons. First of all, nobody sulked through the whole weekend and we actually all got along. We did what we usually do with long weekends in the summer. Move the House around!
We went to Ikea yesterday, which rocked! I love that place. So many useless things to buy, so little time! I bought a new, much needed computer chair. The name had no vowels in's was something like scrvnch or something. It has new car smell :) I love it...I entirely fit inside it even if i hug my knees. It's going to make a great reading chair. Plus I can roll from the computer to the bed, and hop in when it's time to sleep. It completely eliminates the need for legs!
Zoyah bought a new shelf for her room and got rid of most of her furniture. It rules. Of course, I did most of the putting together of it with her. That was a task and a half and took up more energy than I actually had. It completely pays to be a glamazon! Not only are we beautiful, but we're bloody handy around the house. I will take a picture and post it up. It's spectacular. We had many a laugh with inappropriately phrased sentences making use of the word "screw"...such as "I'll tip it if you screw". To that, my mother started snickering. I swear the woman is secretly a ten year old boy. I have decided that I will buy all my furniture from Ikea when I have a house because how cool is that place? I'm just going to take a few things and move into that store...if anyone needs me, I'll be helping myself in bedding department :)
Good weekend overall, but my muscles are going to pay the price tomorrow!
Well, back I go to move the rest of these things....until my fingers have enough energy to type again!