Friday, June 1, 2007

Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?

Current Mood: Sneezy (never drink juice of slurpy consistency at night, and then sleep with the window're dooming yourself)

Current Song: State of Mind by Raul Midon

I'm not sure how to start today's blog entry. Oh wait, I guess that started itself. How clever! Alright, so I bought this new hair goo by John Freida called Brilliantly Brunnette. It's a straightening balm that's supposed to highlight the multifaceted-ness of my hair when I finish using it. So I used it and my hair still looks darker than midnight in a black hole with a blindfold on. Light cannot penetrate the surface of my hair! Not that I want lighter hair. Let's face it, if I did, I would have dyed it a long time ago. I prefer the natch look. Perhaps you need to purchase the entire line of products to see a difference. Well, Freida, you've got another thing coming if that's what you expect!

So, I was watching the news for fun yesterday (whatever you were going to say, shut up) and somebody in the states did a study on differential treatment of siblings. They found that indeed parents do treat their children very differently. But that the whole perception of unfairness lays in the eyes of the siblings rather than in the treatment i.e. if they see that they are being treated unfairly (not differently necessarily), that's the outcry. Well, I agree. Zoyah is the favourite, but that's alright by me (i'm saying this to annoy my mother).

Okay, one last thing. I was watching a bit of Much on Demand and Fall out Boy was on. They were talking about their latest charity case. any guesses? If you guessed Africa, then you guessed right! Apparently if you watch "The Last King of Scotland", you will get a very thorough understanding of Uganda and of Africa in general. I am all for celebrities using their powers for good. But to treat Africa as a victim is to strip away the dignity of a proud nation. Yes, they have some problems that run rampant and we could all stand to see them have a better standard of living, more education, less disease. But please stop using Africa to further your own agenda or to hop on the bandwagon. Fads make me nervous. Africa had better not be like slap bracelets. One moment they're hot, and the next they're out.
okay, I'm done ranting. Until after the weekend!