Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Warning: You have entered a Tact Free Zone.

Current Mood: pondering the benefits on voodooism for amusement

Current Song: Patience by Take That

Okay, so I am firmly of the belief that Tony Bourdain (cranky chef), and Leonard Cohen (cranky writer/singer) are the same person....see pictures's weird!
I'm not crazy right? On the left is Tony, and on the right is Leonard. I think that i have already talked about this once before, but there is this crazy thing where everyone in the world has one twin, who looks exactly like them, but may have no relation to them. It's funny because there are also male-female mixes. There is a photographer who also documents people who look almost exactly the same. Sometimes they don't even come from the same country. There was an Oprah look-alike on the Oprah show the other day. It was rather weird. I think I'd like to meet my match. It would be interesting to see what I look like. I bet you I'm gorgeous. I also wonder if the other person has dimples too...hmmm...
On the point of family look-alikes, people are starting to increasingly think that Zoyah and I look alike. Which I can see in some of our pictures, but someone actually called us identical the other day. Now, THAT I don't believe. People seem to make the mistake more often than you would think. Someone wished me happy graduation at Zoyah's convocation ceremonies until I pointed out that I had graduated 7 years ago, but thanked them for remembering :P
Okay, off I go to do something productive. You can sit here and ponder whether Anthony Bourdain is the long-lost twin of Leonard Cohen. I wonder if anyone else sees the resemblance...
Oh and if you're interested in checking out the photographer, his link follows: