Thursday, June 7, 2007

Such Bugs and Goblins in my Life!

Current Mood: gettin' on sleepy

Current song: We were stars, by some woman (stupid Much More Music and your catchiness!)

I had a relatively pleasant day. I had brunch with a good smart friend of mine. We discussed many things including the state of the world, and of relationships and of how successful we'll all be in the future. We tend to talk eachother off buildings, which is always nice. After all, if the world lost either one of us, good hair would never be replicated again.

Speaking of hair, I changed my hair. Which means it looks exactly the same unless you view it with an x-ray or perhaps a really big magnifying glass. I should grow it out and wear it curly just to confuse people. That would do quite something. Though I do like that it's swishy. It hypnotizes the masses. Oh the power of hair when it's done right. Yes, mine is painstaking, but no pain no gain!

Did you hear? Paris Hilton is already out of jail and has been "reassigned" to electronic monitoring systems within her palatial home. I was mad about this one because she had barely been in jail for 23 seconds before she got let out. If celebrity buys you a slap on the wrist, there is obviously something wrong with this world. On the one hand, perfectly innocent people get accused of heinous crimes and have to serve inordinately large amounts of time in horrible facilities for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or worse, they just get shot down. On the other hand, somebody with proven track record of recklessness and disregard for any laws is allowed to sit around for a month in a house well-equipped to keep even the most assinine person occupied for aeons. This is what's wrong with society. I am glad that the judge who initially doled out the sentence wants Paris back in court. Makes me want to cry tears of blood.
okay, i'm done being hopped up. Time for sleep. I've tired myself out!