Monday, June 25, 2007

Doesn't Trick-O-Treating Mean Taking Candy from Strangers?

Current Mood: Does anybody want my thoracic region? It huuuuurts!

Current Song: That stupid Bon Jovi Song (let's make a memoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)...ugh!

So I think I had the worst dream last night. It wasn't as terrible as that weird snake one I had a while ago. But for this one, I was supposed to sing in a big hall. Devotional stuff, so I had it all picked out, and someone went ahead of me and sang the same thing. So I thought, it's okay, I'll pick another one. Then the one I wanted wasn't in my book, and the index was missing! So I picked one that I didn't know well, and it turned out nobody else knew it either, so I had to mumble through it like a fool. God, that was a nightmare. I'm glad it wasn't real, because I'd probably have impaled myself on something. I think this is a sign that I should give up singing for a bit longer. Either that, or practic everyday. My mother is always trying to convince me to do Riyaaz everyday (it means practice in urdu). Does singing in the shower count?

So, other than the fact that this weekend was a total bust, I did end up watching that movie Proof with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gylenhaal (or however you spell that). Who knew a movie about math could be so good? It was a pretty good movie. Gwyneth's character was slightly off her rocker, but she played it well I thought. If you want something not really funny, and a bit short, I recommend watching it for sure. Other than that, life is uninteresting and filled with days on the couch watching bad indian movies, and eating chocolate chip pancakes and facebooking....
Oh, speaking of facebook, I was perusing the newspaper and a guest editor wrote about how facebook is just a giant popularity contest, whereby you're judged by the quantity of friends that you can accumulate. I know people with 400 friends, which is slightly overkill. Nobody can have that many actual friends. He also said it's a great way to find out who gained a bunch of weight after highschool, and who still lives in their parents' basement. Agreed. It's fun sitting here snickering to myself at the misfortune of others. I'm going straight to hell.
Alright, another blog completed. Until Later!