Thursday, May 3, 2007

What If God Was One Of Us....

Current Mood: anticipatory

Current Song: One Last Time by Theory of a Deadman (hot lead singer)

I'm looking forward to my shopping spree this weekend with my sister. I have birthday money that is just burning a hole in my pocket, and I want to spend it...spend it all! I haven't been shopping in a while, and we need to start getting Zoyah's graduation things or else she's going to have to go to the prom barefoot. Not generally a good sign.

I'm seriously wishing that this weather would get a break. it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, so lets hope that it all goes according to plan. I'm dying to see some sunshine. This is what happens when I haven't been running in a while. How terrible. I have been good though, working out 4 times a week. Although I have been tipping the refrigerator to eat everything in it at the same time. I'm starving!

So I have to say that I'm liking how this year is shaping up. Largely it's much of nothing. But I do appreciate the lack of drama and all of that. I think half the time women are horrendous with causing their own drama. Do we have to be so emotional about everything? Things would be a lot easier if we somehow were able to get a grip on ourselves. I'm trying to do much of that this year. I don't think there is any point in causing yourself any kind of grief and I think that those who haven't tried it should. i quite like that this year is allowing me to be so new in perspective. People have a tendency to act like victims when you are in charge of your own life in many ways. Things shape up if you just let them and you take action. I'm feeling pensive. That and I'm really hoping for a canucks win. really really.
My sister found out that Roberto Luongo was married. She spend the evening in completely dysphoria from it. I had to talk her out of a deep depression. That only took a sandwich, but still. I was off duty that day. Apparently I'm the resident pep talker.
Anyway, I must go and do something creative now...ciao!