Sunday, May 27, 2007


Current mood: I want a shower

Current Song: Smiley Faces (again...)

Again, I'm such a horrible person. I really should blog more often, but the thing is, I haven't really felt much like writing in the last little while. Call it lack of motivation, or laziness. I finally sat down to it today. Figured that I might as well report on what I've been doing.

On Friday, we went to Zoyah's grad (prom for those of you who prefer that term). It was quite nice. Zoyah looked absolutely stunning. I think she would have made an amazing celebrity. She certainly could develop an ego and a taste for the world's finest mineral water. But most of the day was spent carting her around to appointments and things and getting her hair all ready. She was a nervous wreck. Then I dropped her off to her meeting spot. We followed in the evening. Everyone looked very nice and I felt very old. I still remember the blessed event when it happened to me. Of all the things that I may have hated or loved in highschool, I did not mind my prom. It was a fun night. I was also glad when it ended. Being marinated in that many hormones in one night is quite a lot to take. And now we will be doing the ceremonies thing, which I'm looking forward to as well (though those are bloody long).

Other than that, there's been not a whole lot going on. White Chimney finally released the magazine that i'm published in. They are mailing me a contributors copy, so when I receive it I shall certainly make sure that everyone gets to see it. I should start writing more. I can get used to the taste of fame. Actually, I lie. Like I've said before, perhaps I'll become a reclusive writer like Thomas Pynchon (characterized in the Simpsons as the author with a paper bag on his head, because nobody knows what he looks intriguing).
Anyway, that'll be all for now. I shall write again, when I do...