Monday, May 7, 2007

Stupid Fate!

Current Mood: Yucky like you would not believe

Current Song: Laschia Chio Pianga (aria from Farinelli)

I woke up feeling just fine today, and in a manner of an hour I have gone to questioning my whole existence (I work fast). I have had to turn down two amazing overseas opportunities to go back to school. Two amazing opportunities and I feel like someone just punched me in the pancreas or something. Why don't i just die now! Here is hoping that I made the right bloody choice.

In other news, I went to see Blades of Glory this weekend. I laughed so hard, I cried. It has to be the funniest movie that I have seen in a long time. I usually hate Will Ferell but I love John Heder. They work amazingly together and the movie is genius. I wouldn't see it featured in the Cannes Festival or anything like that, but it is hilarious. Part of it was because I was primed to accept the funiness of it all. My friend Kathryn has some serious misadventures and on the way to the movies, we ended up having one such episode. As we drove along to the coquitlam silvercity, she missed the exit to the theatre and ended up on the highway. Next thing we know we've crossed the Port Mann and are saying a big freaked out hello to our fellow Surreyfolk. After a bit of fumbling about, we finally got to where we had to be. One of many misadventures I think. One of many.

One last thing, on the news today, I heard that our infamous quarters with the coloured poppies caused some ruckus in the states. It turned out that some law officials who were on a visit to Canada were slipped a couple of these quarters while on their trip and took them back home. They thought that they were spy coins and issued a warning to Canada until they found out that they were part of an effort to commemorate dead war heroes. Wow, the states is like your paranoid schizophrenic older brother who thinks that radio signals are addling his brain and that the dog is asking him to kill the cat. Or perhaps that the toaster is reporting information on him to the FBI. Tsk. Makes me wonder who really is brain addled. The US is now raising a generation of these paranoids. One comedian said that his child is learning colours on the warning rainbow. She thinks that Winnie the Pooh is medium threat :)
Okay, I'm done for today. More to report. I'll be sure and tell you how much more my life sucks in a few days.