Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sock Everybody!

Current Mood: slightly on the firey side!

Current Song: Relax by Mika (ironically)

I'm not sure why I'm a bit wound up today. It doesn't matter really. the important thing is that my eyebrows are done, and now I can go ahead and ignore them until I start looking like that scary one-eyebrowed baby from the Simpsons.
Finished watching America's Next Top Model yesterday. That show is going to pot. They need more bitchy. Nothing for a good laugh than bitchy girls. Seriously, sometimes I wish I was a guy. They seem to have it a bit easier in the drama department. Then again, you sort of make your own choices about drama. You are what you choose really aren't you?

The shingles are better. After my sister and my mother stopped laughing at me, they seem to have bettered. I am not going to give you the update on what they look like, or take pictures. The drugs are helping, and now they are just a minor irritation more than a major pain in the ass. So we're good :)

Apparently highschool teaches you absolutely nothing. I was just browsing my highschool's facebook page and grammar mistakes abound! Holy Malapropisms Batman! You know that the world is losing faith when there is a distinct lack of spell check (such as this blog. i don't apologize for being lazy...). In other interesting facebook news, there is a little test you take which tells you how you might be defined in a dictionary. Apparently I am a noun: a beat poet that works the streets. How amusingly appropriate for my current state! Also if I was a superaction hero, I'd be MacGyver. I wanted to be Chuck Norris. But nobody can be Chuck Norris, not even Chuck Norris. I love chuck norris. as I should.
Anyway, i'm out. I have 2 hours to do a 4 hours worth of stuff....ciao!