Sunday, May 13, 2007

Running with Scissors

Current Mood: starting to get sleepy

Current Song: Sunday morning by K-os

Bad blogger mehnaz...bad! I know, I'm sorry I haven't written in a little while. Last week was complete insanity, and the next two weeks are going to prove to be just as bad. Just as bad! There is all manner of grad this and that coming up for our little one, so it's quite the schedule we have going. No time for leisure. Last week was about as leisurely as I will be allowed until June.

I've been enjoying the sunshine. My trek to meet a friend up at UBC last week was great, because it was a lovely morning and I was sufficiently caffeinated. Good friends, good conversation...that's all that matters lately. That and coffee...and running. i can't believe that I haven't quit this exercise thing yet. I'm starting to feel pretty accomplished about myself. Now I'm biding my time. Feet firmly planted on the ground.

I have been wanting to blog about this since last week, but I was infinitely lazy. Last week on Wednesday was McHappy Day, where every big mac that was bought would have a portion of its sale given to a child's charity. I'm understanding of the fact that McDonalds corp is trying to do socially responsible things, but given the rates of obesity and preventable diseases, encouraging people to clog their arteries for orphans is not exactly sound judgement. Ronald McDonald House serves as a good cause, but not at the expense of consumers. Come to think of it, it's probably been about a year ...maybe a year and a half since I had McDonalds. I'd sooner give the money up to a charity than get all hopped up on transfats...thanks.

Also, I have had enough of children. People should put them on leashes. Jeez. I wish those child leashes would come back in vogue. I was at the grocery store and I was putting all of my groceries in a bag and I had some of the "delicates" left know, the eggs, the bread. Some little crappy kid came up and started pushing my conveyer belt button. MY BUTTON. So I gave him a really mean look and said 'EXCUSE ME!' and he went away. I was about to go and ream his mom out. Stupid kids. Not fit for society!
Okay, I'm done...getting tired...will blog again...and sooner! Ciao!