Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Remember Me When I'm Dead

Current Mood: annoyed o\/o

Current Song: Diferente by Gotan Project (very french)

Well, I'm pissed. Because I have shingles. It started off with one little bump, which I thought was one of those inocuous bumps that have nothing to with anything. I have weird skin. Remember I'm allergic to the sun. It didn't go away, and then it turned into two really burny bumps. So I went off to the doctor and she said it's most likely shingles. I'm annoyed because they're kind of a nuisance, and they happen to be falling on a really busy week! Which I think is the part that's more annoying than anything. They put you on really strong medication. 6 pills a day. what the hell.
I did overreact yesterday, by telling my sister that I felt like I was dying, and then I started writing my will out on a scrap napkin. She gave me one of those looks which says that she can't believe she's actually related to me. Really....dont I have enough problems. To my sister, I leave my prized sulky african statue. To my mom, I leave my prized purple shoes. That is all. the rest can be donated to charity. My mum told me that I better not forget her in my will. If she's going to be cheeky, she only gets shoes...feh!

Let's see how I fare now that I have been diseased. I'm untouchable! *sniff sniff*
Wow, i can really up the drama can't i?
Okay, talk later, when my eyebrows look nicer...