Monday, May 21, 2007

Onwards Ho!

Current Mood: Sore-ish

Current Song: Bits of "Grace Kelly"

So, this weekend was fun. We went to the VIMYC concert. They did a really great job. I had to drive to North Vancouver again. You know how I feel about that. I shouldn't be allowed to change lanes ever, because I don't really know how. If changing lanes was the only way I could save human kind, we'd all be dead. That's right. You heard me. I go by the motto "cover me, I'm changing lanes". It appears to be a job for a team. Anyway, wonderful concert. I was happy to see some of the old crew again and glad to get a couple of snaps in.

Mum had surgery on her mouth a couple of days ago and to make her feel better, Zoyah bought her an O Magazine. I of course, ended up reading it. We took this quiz about Love styles. It basically tested what your dominant characteristics were in a relationship. Zoyah was a builder, defined as someone who likes to build her circle of friends and family. Is outgoing, can learn from yesterday's mistakes and take charge in a wholistic kind of way. I was defined as two things (stupid tests never work for me). My dominant if I had to choose, would be "Director". Someone who is very good at taking charge, pays attention to details, makes decisions quickly, and can appear slightly aloof at times. My other personality characteristic was negotiator, which is exactly the opposite (strangely enough. This was also Zoyah's secondary). Apparently Zoyah and i would make a great couple. But now I need to find a Builder or a Director. They have my introspective nature blended with a bit of the going out personality. If I get another director, I'd basically have a male version of me (not so bad). How interesting.

Okay enough about how much of a director I am. It's not sunny, or else I would have gone for a run. I should probably get on with my day. Talk soon!