Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Man Invented Language to Satisfy His Deep Need to Complain

Current Mood: a bit boggy

Current Song: Ordinary Day by Dolores O'Riordhan

God, what a busy last couple of days it's been. I am not used to running around anymore. I'm finding it too taxing for my aging body to take that kind of thing. However, one must go on really right?

For the last few weeks, I've found that people have the oddest way of judging me and my potential. People I meet for a very short amount of time will suddenly say the phrase, "You'll do great things." This is not preceded by anything particularly enlightening or intelligent that comes out of my mouth at all. Perhaps it's my demeanour. But it makes me feel a bit like Harry Potter. The boy wizard who is going to do great things. Perhaps I'll defeat the antichrist. No wait, I am the antichrist. So much for that plan. I do wonder where people are getting this from though. If someone can enlighten me that would be great. My sometimes thick self can't fully garner the subtleties of people's minds.

I can't much remember what I've done over the weekend, but this week is the last of Zoyah related activities. As much as I admire that little tyke, I have to say, A BIT TIRED! A spring concert today that I didn't know I had to be at, an impromptu orientation session at SFU tomorrow, and convocation ceremonies on friday. Then I'm in the all-clear for about a week or so before I know things get rushy again.

I have to say that I have been enjoying our streak of good weather though. It's refreshing, and delightful. However, I know muggy summer nights are coming. last night, I nearly steamed to death, until I removed the fleece blanket and cracked the window open. In about a month, it will be fan city in the house again. I'm glad my mornings are still cool though. Makes for less irritation.
Anyway, I have done my blog duty. I shall update you on graduation and all of that soon again!
Cheers all!