Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Jesus Died for Our Sins. Let's not Disappoint

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Why God Invented Travis Storch (Dedicated to Zoyah)
No other bachelor has surpassed the goodness of that who is Travis. I miss travis. Andy didn't live upto his potential. Sure, he's got pecs that would make most men in Hollywood jealous and abnormally straight teeth. I just don't agree with the fact that he's not travis. Travis was way better. This guy is kind of an emotional cripple I think maybe. Plus he did the good job of convincing this girl that he likes her and she should stay. Well, isn't the premise that she should like him and WANT to stay. If you have to convince someone to take your rose on a reality TV show then perhaps things went awry somewhere. How strange.

So, I am still reading Ann Cameron's book. It's good so far. But holy hell, are the chapters long. i'm a third of the way through the book and I'm only on chapter 4! Let me tell you, she's no Dan Brown (thank god). You read 20 pages from the Da Vinci code and you're already on chapter 43. Makes you feel accomplished. At the same time brain damaged monkeys could read his work.

I watched Oprah the other day and the episode was on how to date/find men/prey after your 30's. There is some good-looking over 35's out there. Most of them are established. One guy was a single brain surgeon. I want him. But apparently the key is to stay dressed up at all times when you go out. Like don't go to the store to pick up milk in your moo-pajamas and slippers that are so worn out your big toe is sticking out. Also go to places where there are mostly men (no the bathroom does not count, that's creepy). And ask them for help on something. Apparently sporting events and hardware stores are full of fish. Hmmmm...now only to figure out what to build......At one point they even said to wear a short skirt to increase your chances. But I frankly think that's a tad on the desperate side. Don't go to the supermarket in a tube-top and high heels. However, it would help your cause to abandon the yoga pants and go for a little lip gloss. I have started dressing a bit better when I go out. I'll let you know how it goes
Alright....now to go and do something productive. Wonder where I put that remote......