Friday, May 4, 2007

As I Waddle Through Life

Current Mood: I have worn myself out from being happy

Current Song: Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

I got into the Graduate Program at SFU for the coming fall! yay! I will be working on an M.A! I found out yesterday and then i couldn't breathe and I was excruciatingly happy all day. Also a little throwy-uppy if you know what I mean. But I seem to be recovering from that. However, I think i have worn out all manner of happiness for the rest of the year. I'm not used to be being so elated. It's quite unnerving. I think i deserve a waffle cone for this achievement!
I was thinking about what a different trajectory I'm taking from what I thought I would originally be doing. It appears that the Powers Above have me waddling through life at some kind of leisurely pace. Wow, this "knowing yourself" stuff is really hard! We'll see how things go. All I know is come September, I get to buy new books and go school shopping again! Wooooo, new notebooks....God, that's so great!

In other news, I am utterly bored with my playlist. So bored in fact that I am crying tears of blood. I do pride myself on knowing lots about different kinds of music, but there is only so many things I can listen to over and over until my ears fall off. So this is a call -out to everyone who might read this blog to recommend new music to me! Preferably upbeat/well written. Think along the lines of Coldplay, the Fray, Jack Johnson, Emily Haines, Bloc Party, Ron Sexsmith, K'Naan and Alana Davis. Also perhaps Alanis. Nothing with Ho's and Bling thanks. I grew up a while ago. These things no longer amuse me (they never did actually).

2 more days until shopping!

Okay, i'm going to go and do something productive now...this is the hope. I hope to live up to it. Until apres weekend, au revoir!

PS: yes I changed my profile picture again because I got bored. Don't I look albino...I think this is the whitest picture I have yet!