Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100 Things About Me

So I've seen some people do this list of 100 things about them. If you know this list, then you'll probably have a pretty good idea of who i am/ what I'm like.

1. I am addicted to coffee. No, I mean really.
2. I'm fiercely protective of my family.
3. I hate driving. I'd rather not.
4. I actually enjoy the opera.
5. I'm a word nerd. I come up with new words and new uses of words all the time!
6. I'm a published writer.
7. I'm an Aries/Taurus cuspian
8. I've always wanted to get a tattoo.
9. I hate seafood. It makes me violently ill.
10. I'm lactose-intolerant.
11. I've never been in a fist-fight
12. I want to retire somewhere in Europe or the Mediterranean.
13. I'm dead afraid of marrying the wrong person.
14. I'm competitive, but not showy.
15. I hold grudges
16. I love reality TV
17. I read my horoscope everyday.
18. I argue a lot
19. I don't really like the Beatles. I'm a heretic, I know.
20. I love playing Devil's Advocate.
21. I melt at the sight of blue eyes.
22. I love being a student the most
23. I love being independent.
24. I hate dogs, and most animals in general.
25. I don't like chocolate as much as I used to.
26. I wish I was born Buddhist.
27. I believe in reincarnation.
28. I have been loved by people, but not loved them back.
29. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
30. I have an addictive personality.
31. I don't drink because of number 30.
32. I would love to have met Shakespeare.
33. I hope I get to live in London at some point in my life.
34. I make a really terrible enemy.
35. I don't get angry very often.
36. I'm not the crying type.
37. My sarcasm is endearing.
38. I can be self-righteous and I know it.
39. I secretly don't mind being Ismaili.
40. I hate gossip.
41. I can spot a liar a mile away.
42. I can't read lips.
43. I'm a visual learner.
44. I'm bossy.
45. I wish I had an older brother
46. I hate outdoor sports.
47. I kick ass at Badminton
48. I have a guitar that I have never played.
49. I have an overwhelming amount of books.
50. I love handbags and shoes.
51. I care what my hair looks like.
52. I have never had a manicure.
53. I'll always secretly be the fat girl.
54. When I'm old, I'd rather lose functioning in my body, than in my mind.
55. I sometimes wish I had become a doctor.
56. I laugh...a LOT.
57. I take crap from nobody
58. I'm a worrier.
59. More than one person doesn't "get" me.
60. I have no patience for stupidity.
61. I'm a complete grammar freak
62. I love Jagjit Singh. I wish I had married him.
63. The smell of smoke brings back memories for me.
64. People think I'm smarter than I really am. And I don't mind.
65. I like taking lots of downtime.
66. I have very few close friends. very few. It's a hard circle to get into.
67. I have been told I'm gorgeous twice. It was nice.
68. I love sex and the city, but I have no respect for Carrie Bradshaw.
69. I hope not to live past the age of 80
70. I swear a lot.
71. I don't see children in my future.
72. I'm straightforward to a fault.
73. I'm diplomatic to a fault.
74. I know how to read palms.
75. I'm a good people-reader.
76. I think Freud rocks my socks.
77. I like new and different music.
78. I still watch the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner movie when it's on TV.
79. I cried during the Notebook and Amistad.
80. I speak 5 different languages.
81. I like plans. I didn't inherit spontaneity
82. I don't like huge crowds
83. I'm very shy.
84. Boys are scared of me.
85. Nightmares ruin my day after.
86. I'm moody
87. My name means "Glory of the Moon"
88. The movie I have seen the most is "Practical Magic"
89. If I could have one secret power, it would be to read minds.
90. I don't mind being single.
91. I don't really believe in soulmates.
92. I'm very pragmatic. Artists hate that.
93. I hate clutter
94. I'm afraid of becoming a single parent.
95. I have no willpower.
96. I love snail mail
97. My favourite flower is the orchid
98. I wish I had lighter coloured eyes.
99. I have never dyed my hair.
100. I love silence.