Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Man Invented Language to Satisfy His Deep Need to Complain


Current Mood: a bit boggy

Current Song: Ordinary Day by Dolores O'Riordhan

God, what a busy last couple of days it's been. I am not used to running around anymore. I'm finding it too taxing for my aging body to take that kind of thing. However, one must go on really right?

For the last few weeks, I've found that people have the oddest way of judging me and my potential. People I meet for a very short amount of time will suddenly say the phrase, "You'll do great things." This is not preceded by anything particularly enlightening or intelligent that comes out of my mouth at all. Perhaps it's my demeanour. But it makes me feel a bit like Harry Potter. The boy wizard who is going to do great things. Perhaps I'll defeat the antichrist. No wait, I am the antichrist. So much for that plan. I do wonder where people are getting this from though. If someone can enlighten me that would be great. My sometimes thick self can't fully garner the subtleties of people's minds.

I can't much remember what I've done over the weekend, but this week is the last of Zoyah related activities. As much as I admire that little tyke, I have to say, A BIT TIRED! A spring concert today that I didn't know I had to be at, an impromptu orientation session at SFU tomorrow, and convocation ceremonies on friday. Then I'm in the all-clear for about a week or so before I know things get rushy again.

I have to say that I have been enjoying our streak of good weather though. It's refreshing, and delightful. However, I know muggy summer nights are coming. last night, I nearly steamed to death, until I removed the fleece blanket and cracked the window open. In about a month, it will be fan city in the house again. I'm glad my mornings are still cool though. Makes for less irritation.
Anyway, I have done my blog duty. I shall update you on graduation and all of that soon again!
Cheers all!

Sunday, May 27, 2007



Current mood: I want a shower

Current Song: Smiley Faces (again...)

Again, I'm such a horrible person. I really should blog more often, but the thing is, I haven't really felt much like writing in the last little while. Call it lack of motivation, or laziness. I finally sat down to it today. Figured that I might as well report on what I've been doing.

On Friday, we went to Zoyah's grad (prom for those of you who prefer that term). It was quite nice. Zoyah looked absolutely stunning. I think she would have made an amazing celebrity. She certainly could develop an ego and a taste for the world's finest mineral water. But most of the day was spent carting her around to appointments and things and getting her hair all ready. She was a nervous wreck. Then I dropped her off to her meeting spot. We followed in the evening. Everyone looked very nice and I felt very old. I still remember the blessed event when it happened to me. Of all the things that I may have hated or loved in highschool, I did not mind my prom. It was a fun night. I was also glad when it ended. Being marinated in that many hormones in one night is quite a lot to take. And now we will be doing the ceremonies thing, which I'm looking forward to as well (though those are bloody long).

Other than that, there's been not a whole lot going on. White Chimney finally released the magazine that i'm published in. They are mailing me a contributors copy, so when I receive it I shall certainly make sure that everyone gets to see it. I should start writing more. I can get used to the taste of fame. Actually, I lie. Like I've said before, perhaps I'll become a reclusive writer like Thomas Pynchon (characterized in the Simpsons as the author with a paper bag on his head, because nobody knows what he looks intriguing).
Anyway, that'll be all for now. I shall write again, when I do...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100 Things About Me


So I've seen some people do this list of 100 things about them. If you know this list, then you'll probably have a pretty good idea of who i am/ what I'm like.

1. I am addicted to coffee. No, I mean really.
2. I'm fiercely protective of my family.
3. I hate driving. I'd rather not.
4. I actually enjoy the opera.
5. I'm a word nerd. I come up with new words and new uses of words all the time!
6. I'm a published writer.
7. I'm an Aries/Taurus cuspian
8. I've always wanted to get a tattoo.
9. I hate seafood. It makes me violently ill.
10. I'm lactose-intolerant.
11. I've never been in a fist-fight
12. I want to retire somewhere in Europe or the Mediterranean.
13. I'm dead afraid of marrying the wrong person.
14. I'm competitive, but not showy.
15. I hold grudges
16. I love reality TV
17. I read my horoscope everyday.
18. I argue a lot
19. I don't really like the Beatles. I'm a heretic, I know.
20. I love playing Devil's Advocate.
21. I melt at the sight of blue eyes.
22. I love being a student the most
23. I love being independent.
24. I hate dogs, and most animals in general.
25. I don't like chocolate as much as I used to.
26. I wish I was born Buddhist.
27. I believe in reincarnation.
28. I have been loved by people, but not loved them back.
29. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
30. I have an addictive personality.
31. I don't drink because of number 30.
32. I would love to have met Shakespeare.
33. I hope I get to live in London at some point in my life.
34. I make a really terrible enemy.
35. I don't get angry very often.
36. I'm not the crying type.
37. My sarcasm is endearing.
38. I can be self-righteous and I know it.
39. I secretly don't mind being Ismaili.
40. I hate gossip.
41. I can spot a liar a mile away.
42. I can't read lips.
43. I'm a visual learner.
44. I'm bossy.
45. I wish I had an older brother
46. I hate outdoor sports.
47. I kick ass at Badminton
48. I have a guitar that I have never played.
49. I have an overwhelming amount of books.
50. I love handbags and shoes.
51. I care what my hair looks like.
52. I have never had a manicure.
53. I'll always secretly be the fat girl.
54. When I'm old, I'd rather lose functioning in my body, than in my mind.
55. I sometimes wish I had become a doctor.
56. I laugh...a LOT.
57. I take crap from nobody
58. I'm a worrier.
59. More than one person doesn't "get" me.
60. I have no patience for stupidity.
61. I'm a complete grammar freak
62. I love Jagjit Singh. I wish I had married him.
63. The smell of smoke brings back memories for me.
64. People think I'm smarter than I really am. And I don't mind.
65. I like taking lots of downtime.
66. I have very few close friends. very few. It's a hard circle to get into.
67. I have been told I'm gorgeous twice. It was nice.
68. I love sex and the city, but I have no respect for Carrie Bradshaw.
69. I hope not to live past the age of 80
70. I swear a lot.
71. I don't see children in my future.
72. I'm straightforward to a fault.
73. I'm diplomatic to a fault.
74. I know how to read palms.
75. I'm a good people-reader.
76. I think Freud rocks my socks.
77. I like new and different music.
78. I still watch the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner movie when it's on TV.
79. I cried during the Notebook and Amistad.
80. I speak 5 different languages.
81. I like plans. I didn't inherit spontaneity
82. I don't like huge crowds
83. I'm very shy.
84. Boys are scared of me.
85. Nightmares ruin my day after.
86. I'm moody
87. My name means "Glory of the Moon"
88. The movie I have seen the most is "Practical Magic"
89. If I could have one secret power, it would be to read minds.
90. I don't mind being single.
91. I don't really believe in soulmates.
92. I'm very pragmatic. Artists hate that.
93. I hate clutter
94. I'm afraid of becoming a single parent.
95. I have no willpower.
96. I love snail mail
97. My favourite flower is the orchid
98. I wish I had lighter coloured eyes.
99. I have never dyed my hair.
100. I love silence.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Onwards Ho!


Current Mood: Sore-ish

Current Song: Bits of "Grace Kelly"

So, this weekend was fun. We went to the VIMYC concert. They did a really great job. I had to drive to North Vancouver again. You know how I feel about that. I shouldn't be allowed to change lanes ever, because I don't really know how. If changing lanes was the only way I could save human kind, we'd all be dead. That's right. You heard me. I go by the motto "cover me, I'm changing lanes". It appears to be a job for a team. Anyway, wonderful concert. I was happy to see some of the old crew again and glad to get a couple of snaps in.

Mum had surgery on her mouth a couple of days ago and to make her feel better, Zoyah bought her an O Magazine. I of course, ended up reading it. We took this quiz about Love styles. It basically tested what your dominant characteristics were in a relationship. Zoyah was a builder, defined as someone who likes to build her circle of friends and family. Is outgoing, can learn from yesterday's mistakes and take charge in a wholistic kind of way. I was defined as two things (stupid tests never work for me). My dominant if I had to choose, would be "Director". Someone who is very good at taking charge, pays attention to details, makes decisions quickly, and can appear slightly aloof at times. My other personality characteristic was negotiator, which is exactly the opposite (strangely enough. This was also Zoyah's secondary). Apparently Zoyah and i would make a great couple. But now I need to find a Builder or a Director. They have my introspective nature blended with a bit of the going out personality. If I get another director, I'd basically have a male version of me (not so bad). How interesting.

Okay enough about how much of a director I am. It's not sunny, or else I would have gone for a run. I should probably get on with my day. Talk soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sock Everybody!


Current Mood: slightly on the firey side!

Current Song: Relax by Mika (ironically)

I'm not sure why I'm a bit wound up today. It doesn't matter really. the important thing is that my eyebrows are done, and now I can go ahead and ignore them until I start looking like that scary one-eyebrowed baby from the Simpsons.
Finished watching America's Next Top Model yesterday. That show is going to pot. They need more bitchy. Nothing for a good laugh than bitchy girls. Seriously, sometimes I wish I was a guy. They seem to have it a bit easier in the drama department. Then again, you sort of make your own choices about drama. You are what you choose really aren't you?

The shingles are better. After my sister and my mother stopped laughing at me, they seem to have bettered. I am not going to give you the update on what they look like, or take pictures. The drugs are helping, and now they are just a minor irritation more than a major pain in the ass. So we're good :)

Apparently highschool teaches you absolutely nothing. I was just browsing my highschool's facebook page and grammar mistakes abound! Holy Malapropisms Batman! You know that the world is losing faith when there is a distinct lack of spell check (such as this blog. i don't apologize for being lazy...). In other interesting facebook news, there is a little test you take which tells you how you might be defined in a dictionary. Apparently I am a noun: a beat poet that works the streets. How amusingly appropriate for my current state! Also if I was a superaction hero, I'd be MacGyver. I wanted to be Chuck Norris. But nobody can be Chuck Norris, not even Chuck Norris. I love chuck norris. as I should.
Anyway, i'm out. I have 2 hours to do a 4 hours worth of stuff....ciao!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Remember Me When I'm Dead


Current Mood: annoyed o\/o

Current Song: Diferente by Gotan Project (very french)

Well, I'm pissed. Because I have shingles. It started off with one little bump, which I thought was one of those inocuous bumps that have nothing to with anything. I have weird skin. Remember I'm allergic to the sun. It didn't go away, and then it turned into two really burny bumps. So I went off to the doctor and she said it's most likely shingles. I'm annoyed because they're kind of a nuisance, and they happen to be falling on a really busy week! Which I think is the part that's more annoying than anything. They put you on really strong medication. 6 pills a day. what the hell.
I did overreact yesterday, by telling my sister that I felt like I was dying, and then I started writing my will out on a scrap napkin. She gave me one of those looks which says that she can't believe she's actually related to me. Really....dont I have enough problems. To my sister, I leave my prized sulky african statue. To my mom, I leave my prized purple shoes. That is all. the rest can be donated to charity. My mum told me that I better not forget her in my will. If she's going to be cheeky, she only gets shoes...feh!

Let's see how I fare now that I have been diseased. I'm untouchable! *sniff sniff*
Wow, i can really up the drama can't i?
Okay, talk later, when my eyebrows look nicer...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Running with Scissors


Current Mood: starting to get sleepy

Current Song: Sunday morning by K-os

Bad blogger mehnaz...bad! I know, I'm sorry I haven't written in a little while. Last week was complete insanity, and the next two weeks are going to prove to be just as bad. Just as bad! There is all manner of grad this and that coming up for our little one, so it's quite the schedule we have going. No time for leisure. Last week was about as leisurely as I will be allowed until June.

I've been enjoying the sunshine. My trek to meet a friend up at UBC last week was great, because it was a lovely morning and I was sufficiently caffeinated. Good friends, good conversation...that's all that matters lately. That and coffee...and running. i can't believe that I haven't quit this exercise thing yet. I'm starting to feel pretty accomplished about myself. Now I'm biding my time. Feet firmly planted on the ground.

I have been wanting to blog about this since last week, but I was infinitely lazy. Last week on Wednesday was McHappy Day, where every big mac that was bought would have a portion of its sale given to a child's charity. I'm understanding of the fact that McDonalds corp is trying to do socially responsible things, but given the rates of obesity and preventable diseases, encouraging people to clog their arteries for orphans is not exactly sound judgement. Ronald McDonald House serves as a good cause, but not at the expense of consumers. Come to think of it, it's probably been about a year ...maybe a year and a half since I had McDonalds. I'd sooner give the money up to a charity than get all hopped up on transfats...thanks.

Also, I have had enough of children. People should put them on leashes. Jeez. I wish those child leashes would come back in vogue. I was at the grocery store and I was putting all of my groceries in a bag and I had some of the "delicates" left know, the eggs, the bread. Some little crappy kid came up and started pushing my conveyer belt button. MY BUTTON. So I gave him a really mean look and said 'EXCUSE ME!' and he went away. I was about to go and ream his mom out. Stupid kids. Not fit for society!
Okay, I'm done...getting tired...will blog again...and sooner! Ciao!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Stupid Fate!


Current Mood: Yucky like you would not believe

Current Song: Laschia Chio Pianga (aria from Farinelli)

I woke up feeling just fine today, and in a manner of an hour I have gone to questioning my whole existence (I work fast). I have had to turn down two amazing overseas opportunities to go back to school. Two amazing opportunities and I feel like someone just punched me in the pancreas or something. Why don't i just die now! Here is hoping that I made the right bloody choice.

In other news, I went to see Blades of Glory this weekend. I laughed so hard, I cried. It has to be the funniest movie that I have seen in a long time. I usually hate Will Ferell but I love John Heder. They work amazingly together and the movie is genius. I wouldn't see it featured in the Cannes Festival or anything like that, but it is hilarious. Part of it was because I was primed to accept the funiness of it all. My friend Kathryn has some serious misadventures and on the way to the movies, we ended up having one such episode. As we drove along to the coquitlam silvercity, she missed the exit to the theatre and ended up on the highway. Next thing we know we've crossed the Port Mann and are saying a big freaked out hello to our fellow Surreyfolk. After a bit of fumbling about, we finally got to where we had to be. One of many misadventures I think. One of many.

One last thing, on the news today, I heard that our infamous quarters with the coloured poppies caused some ruckus in the states. It turned out that some law officials who were on a visit to Canada were slipped a couple of these quarters while on their trip and took them back home. They thought that they were spy coins and issued a warning to Canada until they found out that they were part of an effort to commemorate dead war heroes. Wow, the states is like your paranoid schizophrenic older brother who thinks that radio signals are addling his brain and that the dog is asking him to kill the cat. Or perhaps that the toaster is reporting information on him to the FBI. Tsk. Makes me wonder who really is brain addled. The US is now raising a generation of these paranoids. One comedian said that his child is learning colours on the warning rainbow. She thinks that Winnie the Pooh is medium threat :)
Okay, I'm done for today. More to report. I'll be sure and tell you how much more my life sucks in a few days.

Friday, May 4, 2007

As I Waddle Through Life


Current Mood: I have worn myself out from being happy

Current Song: Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

I got into the Graduate Program at SFU for the coming fall! yay! I will be working on an M.A! I found out yesterday and then i couldn't breathe and I was excruciatingly happy all day. Also a little throwy-uppy if you know what I mean. But I seem to be recovering from that. However, I think i have worn out all manner of happiness for the rest of the year. I'm not used to be being so elated. It's quite unnerving. I think i deserve a waffle cone for this achievement!
I was thinking about what a different trajectory I'm taking from what I thought I would originally be doing. It appears that the Powers Above have me waddling through life at some kind of leisurely pace. Wow, this "knowing yourself" stuff is really hard! We'll see how things go. All I know is come September, I get to buy new books and go school shopping again! Wooooo, new notebooks....God, that's so great!

In other news, I am utterly bored with my playlist. So bored in fact that I am crying tears of blood. I do pride myself on knowing lots about different kinds of music, but there is only so many things I can listen to over and over until my ears fall off. So this is a call -out to everyone who might read this blog to recommend new music to me! Preferably upbeat/well written. Think along the lines of Coldplay, the Fray, Jack Johnson, Emily Haines, Bloc Party, Ron Sexsmith, K'Naan and Alana Davis. Also perhaps Alanis. Nothing with Ho's and Bling thanks. I grew up a while ago. These things no longer amuse me (they never did actually).

2 more days until shopping!

Okay, i'm going to go and do something productive now...this is the hope. I hope to live up to it. Until apres weekend, au revoir!

PS: yes I changed my profile picture again because I got bored. Don't I look albino...I think this is the whitest picture I have yet!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What If God Was One Of Us....


Current Mood: anticipatory

Current Song: One Last Time by Theory of a Deadman (hot lead singer)

I'm looking forward to my shopping spree this weekend with my sister. I have birthday money that is just burning a hole in my pocket, and I want to spend it...spend it all! I haven't been shopping in a while, and we need to start getting Zoyah's graduation things or else she's going to have to go to the prom barefoot. Not generally a good sign.

I'm seriously wishing that this weather would get a break. it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, so lets hope that it all goes according to plan. I'm dying to see some sunshine. This is what happens when I haven't been running in a while. How terrible. I have been good though, working out 4 times a week. Although I have been tipping the refrigerator to eat everything in it at the same time. I'm starving!

So I have to say that I'm liking how this year is shaping up. Largely it's much of nothing. But I do appreciate the lack of drama and all of that. I think half the time women are horrendous with causing their own drama. Do we have to be so emotional about everything? Things would be a lot easier if we somehow were able to get a grip on ourselves. I'm trying to do much of that this year. I don't think there is any point in causing yourself any kind of grief and I think that those who haven't tried it should. i quite like that this year is allowing me to be so new in perspective. People have a tendency to act like victims when you are in charge of your own life in many ways. Things shape up if you just let them and you take action. I'm feeling pensive. That and I'm really hoping for a canucks win. really really.
My sister found out that Roberto Luongo was married. She spend the evening in completely dysphoria from it. I had to talk her out of a deep depression. That only took a sandwich, but still. I was off duty that day. Apparently I'm the resident pep talker.
Anyway, I must go and do something creative now...ciao!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Jesus Died for Our Sins. Let's not Disappoint


Current Mood: fleh

Current Song: The soothing buzz of the computer modem....bzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Why God Invented Travis Storch (Dedicated to Zoyah)
No other bachelor has surpassed the goodness of that who is Travis. I miss travis. Andy didn't live upto his potential. Sure, he's got pecs that would make most men in Hollywood jealous and abnormally straight teeth. I just don't agree with the fact that he's not travis. Travis was way better. This guy is kind of an emotional cripple I think maybe. Plus he did the good job of convincing this girl that he likes her and she should stay. Well, isn't the premise that she should like him and WANT to stay. If you have to convince someone to take your rose on a reality TV show then perhaps things went awry somewhere. How strange.

So, I am still reading Ann Cameron's book. It's good so far. But holy hell, are the chapters long. i'm a third of the way through the book and I'm only on chapter 4! Let me tell you, she's no Dan Brown (thank god). You read 20 pages from the Da Vinci code and you're already on chapter 43. Makes you feel accomplished. At the same time brain damaged monkeys could read his work.

I watched Oprah the other day and the episode was on how to date/find men/prey after your 30's. There is some good-looking over 35's out there. Most of them are established. One guy was a single brain surgeon. I want him. But apparently the key is to stay dressed up at all times when you go out. Like don't go to the store to pick up milk in your moo-pajamas and slippers that are so worn out your big toe is sticking out. Also go to places where there are mostly men (no the bathroom does not count, that's creepy). And ask them for help on something. Apparently sporting events and hardware stores are full of fish. only to figure out what to build......At one point they even said to wear a short skirt to increase your chances. But I frankly think that's a tad on the desperate side. Don't go to the supermarket in a tube-top and high heels. However, it would help your cause to abandon the yoga pants and go for a little lip gloss. I have started dressing a bit better when I go out. I'll let you know how it goes to go and do something productive. Wonder where I put that remote......