Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When in Doubt, Poke It With a Stick

Current Mood: Awake and slightly cold

Current Song: Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days. Which is good for now anyway. Too much excitement makes me feel like I need to start taking something. I'm just chugging along in this life here, not minding too many things at the moment. I am getting slightly sick of facebook though. It appears to be technology's answer to heroin. And you thought I didn't have an addictive personality. It turns out I do. I get hooked on things quite easily, especially when they feed my expanding ego. Below...my ever-expanding addiction....I'm beyond help!
Anyway, something fun to tell you about. I am sure you're heard of Yann Martel. He is most famously known for writing "The Life of Pi". Terribly hard to read I thought. But those are the ones that make life worth living. Whoever said reading was easy (trust me, I've been reading "This Side of Paradise" for about a month now...it's exhausting!). I digress. Yann Martel has a new sight called www.whatisstephenharperreading.com. Apparently Stephen Harper is artistically...uhm....deceased. So Mr. Martel is sending him a book every two weeks, and waiting for a response. I think that's brilliant. Heck, I'm going to take Yann up on the books he recommends too! What the hell. but first, I need to get through the 10 that I have lying on my shelf. How dire....

Right, i should get to today's topic huh. Alright then. Today's topic: Coming into your own. I liked my twenties (they haven't finished yet) because I find that this is a time you really get to figure out who you are on your own terms. Not on anyone else's. Teenage years are weird. you feel like somehow you owe people something by being who they want you to be. I like my twenties because now I'm in my own skin. I like turning things on their head and questioning until my eyeballs fall out. Yes, I'm still trying to figure some things out. What I want in my future partner turned out not be what I thought I wanted at all. Time to reevaluate. It's also a good time because you define success on your own grounds. Success is not making money or owning a condo or several cars. Success is waking up with a purpose every day and knowing what you are here on earth for. Success is finding the value in each situation, no matter how useless it may be. Success is trusting that if you make a mistake, you have not abandoned your sense of value. I like my skin in my twenties. It's starting to feel like my own. I'm finally starting to grow into who I want to be and finding some value in my actions.
Okay, enough of this. I should do something useful...possibly of value....possibly of calorie....
Until soon.....