Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tomorrow Will be Cancelled, Due to Lack of Interest

Current Mood: I should be sleepy, but instead I feel like my head will explode

Current Song: that Gymclass Heroes song...with the crumping cherub

I am up to my ass in paperwork. It's a tad on the ridiculous side. I think God likes to play tricks on me. I have often thought so. i have often said so too. he gives me nothing to do for aeons and then springs every thing on me all at once, and says, here...go nuts! And so I did.

Still very much to do. Oh the birthdays are coming up. One is in a couple of days, and the other is next week. i think i want to go and hide, until it all passes over me.
I did have a productive weekend though. We did a bunch of shopping. Zoyah and I went to a Hockey game on Thursday...Canucks vs Colorado, which we sadly lost. However, it was a terribly slow game and the Avalanche were on us like white on rice. It's fun to go however, because I'm surrounded by eye candy. So much eye candy. That's the best kind because it's low calorie :)
I'm happy also with my new purchases: a much needed pair of runners, a pair of black awesome sunglasses (I am notorious for losing my sunglasses...that's why I buy cheap ones), flip flops, and best of all my $3 Coldplay tshirt. Coldplay happens to be one of my favourite bands, and getting a tshirt was 3 bucks is like meeting Chris Martin, and him asking you to come to a picnic with Him and Gwen and Moses and Apple. So I'm happy. heeeeee!

On a side note, ever felt terribly bad about not following something iconic that everyone likes? I always feel hideous about saying that I don't REALLY like The Beatles. I'm sorry to say, but the music gives me no sensory experience that follows me through my day. And I always feel like I might be attacked by a mob if I say I hate them, because apparently they are not dislikable. I get the kind of reaction you'd get if you were basting a baby for dinner. It's not that bad. I don't like the Beatles. Deal with it. And if you don't like me for it, then that's just peachy. Imagine....lord.....
Okay, I have more paperwork to clear away tomorrow, so i shall see what I shall see. Until some other time..ciao!