Sunday, April 22, 2007

There's Too Much Blood In My Caffeine System!

Current Song: Can't Wait by Sterr (don't ask, the chorus has been stuck in my head for days...i'm vascillating between that and indian classical music...they just don't go well together)

Current mood: Itchy...stupid eczema!

Quiet weekend. Zoyah has gone to nelson for a choir/band trip..lucky geek. So spent the weekend at home, staring at my mother. We did go out for dinner with the gran, which was all good.

Today, I watched the new documentary by Irshad Manji called "Faith without Fear" in which she discusses her stance on her favourite subject: Islam. I thought I would have to poke my own eyes out from sinning, but the woman makes a good point. A really good point in that there is nothing wrong with the faith of Islam. It's rather the people who dictate the kind of light that it is seen in. Islam is often seen as a faith of knowledge, where there is no distinction between faith and reason. There is no war between science and religion. They marry well into eachother. What she often tries to do is to question these things, and debate about the changes that need to occur. However, her way of doing it can be slightly raw or offensive to some. But her point is, that there needs to be some discomfort, some questioning and some debate in order to incite change for the betterment of a world that seems to be slowly going down the crapper. I agree with some of the things she said. Trust me, as the black sheep in the family, I raise all kinds of hell all the time, much to the chagrin of my understandingly lenient mother. So question and seek are the big lessons. Knowledge is the key to understanding afterall

We also watched Namaste London, indian movie, so much much less educational. It wasn't insipid, mind numbing tripe like I thought it would be. Rather an enjoyable one. Afterall, sometimes even us smart ones get sick of thinking all the time.
Well then, I've done my time. So I shall go back to the snore-fest they call "the other side of paradise"