Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Past Haunts You Like a Bitch

Current Mood: Rearing to go for my run

Current Song: My Love by JT (but only the first 2 lines of the song...over and over)

The above quote in my title is courtesy of my mother. I have been thinking about the past a lot these days. Probably because I'm coming to that 25 year mark pretty soon. So I was reminiscing about how we repeat ourselves over and over and I said to my mom while sitting at the kitchen table, scraping at the bottom of my yogurt tin, "Ma, isn't it funny how the past comes back and follows you around?" and her reply was "The Past haunts you like a bitch". It was the funniest thing I had heard all day. Oh good old, calm petite mum, so full of bitterness. Got to love her to pieces.

The Bachelor started yesterday. Andy is a cute one. Wow, you should check out those muscles...you feel like going in for a closer look to make sure they're real *wink wink*. He's no Travis though.....I still love Travis and always will. Andy also reminds me vaguely of someone in my life, but i havent quite figured out who that might be. This shall require more thinking I think. The girls are horrible as usual. Why are we so horrible. We are the smarter, more complex sex, and yet......foolish all the same. I cheated on the Hills, so I feel bad about that. Oh well, I'm sure the Hills will understand.

Finished House by the Sea. Aside from the very obvious editing and grammatical mistakes, it's a good book. Now started This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald (of Gatsby Fame). It reads a bit Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray, but we'll see how that all turns out in the end.

Also, I'm compelled to tell you that Zoyah and I are in a "most annoying song lyrics" contest over facebook. I play to win, and so does she, which really means that this thing could go on for years...possibly even decades until one of us gives in. And you know we won't. She's hitting me with show tunes (I hate musicals) and I'm hitting her with anything common, and advert jingles :) I will keep you posted on who wins!

Alright, I'm off for my run. It's a gorgeous and cold cold day so i'm going to go and enjoy it for half an hour or so...ciao!