Saturday, April 28, 2007

Never Hit a Man with Glasses. Hit him with Something Bigger and Heavier

Current Mood: really full. tummy can't expand anymore :(

Current song: The themesong from Hanging with Mr. Cooper. What a horrible show. i miss it.

I'm waiting for something exciting to happen. At this point, I'll take anything really. I'm not picky. I'm not.
i changed the picture on the side of my blog again. In honour of the arrival of some pieces by my favourite surrealists that will be at the Vancouver Art Gallery in June. I'm looking forward to it. I think almost everyone knows the melting clock by Salvador Dali. It's actually called "Perception of Time". I guess it's because time has this weird fluidity even though it's cut into little countable bits. For instance, my past is one giant blur. Sometimes I can't tell whether it was february or may when something happened. Time is water-soluble I guess. I will of course be going to the exhibition. I love art and I love Dali. I even have an england picture beside the huge sculpture of this same painting. It's awesome
Speaking of time, I watched the Lake House today. It was Orwell meets Stephen Spielberg. Not a clash of symbals kind of a movie, but indeed interesting. I quite liked it. Zoyah said that she thought it would sappy and promptly went to bed after insulting me. But i really like Sandra Bullock and I thought the whole concept of missing out on someone because of weird time warps is interesting. as you can tell, mine will not be a normal lovestory. I'm pretty sure Robots will be involved.
Anywho, it's late and i should probably get to sleep. tomorrow the grand lunch!