Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Biological Clock Just Ran Out of Batteries

Current Mood: awake (don't ask for more)

Current Song: My Own Concocted Medley (I haven't settled on a mood for today as yet...the song will depend on the mood).

On Friday, Noorin and I attended a community rally to fight breast cancer. It was interesting. There was food, and free breast cancer pins. I love pins. I have many pins. Gordon Campbell was there. He has to be the king of soundbites. I love orchestrated media opportunities. They give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. But I think the cause is important. Cancer is quickly becoming one of those nuisances in our lives. Best to fight it. Good strides being made such as the shot for women for cervical cancer. Hopefully some day in the future we will be able to eliminate it.
It's been a nice few days so I've been spending some time outside. Mostly sneezing, but also enjoying the weather, which is nice you know?
Last night, we watched a rather violent movie called Parzania. It was about the parsis who were caught in the muslim-hindu crossfire at the Ahmedabad riots. Interesting movie. a bit gory, but I was up for it. In case you are wondering, the parsis are a very small community of people who originally came from persia, and settled into the Indian subcontinent. They speak Gujerati mostly (like many ismailis), are very well educated, and liberal. The actor in the movie said that they are the "jews of india". Quite agreeable I think.
Funny thing, there are a few groups like the Ismailis and the jews that have this odd blend of cultures. It sort of makes us rootless, but at the same time, we are good chameleons. I bet you I am a blend of a few different things. One of these days it would be interesting to find out what my roots are. India is cool, but I bet you there is some middle eastern in there as well.
So, am not going to go running today. My body is aching. perhaps I should take a break.
Can't believe it's april. Beautiful, cherry blossom imbued April. How lovely. The birthday is coming up soon, which makes me a bit ill, but you know...I have got to face this thing when it arrives. Be kind to me on my birthday. Not too much craziness please :)
Alright, done for now....will check in soon!