Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kick in the Pants

Current Mood: Bo(red)

Current Song: "Gold In Them Hills" Ron Sexsmith and Chris Martin

I'm so proud of myself. I did my first ever push up today. Okay, so it wasn't a full push up and I fell on my face after 2 half push-ups. But Still! I have jelly arms so that's a move up. God did not bless my family with any upper body strength. You should see my mother flex. This whole weights thing seems to be working out. I have some muscle definition now. Some!

So I finished "This Side of Paradise". Not nearly as good as the Great Gatsby, which I preferred by far! Now I started "Family Resemblances" by Anne Cameron. I don't generally read a lot of Anne Cameron because she writes about the wilderness and small excluded communities and we all know how I feel about the wilderness! I did get absorbed and read until midnight yesterday. That's a good sign. I hope it keeps up or I'll be writing some angry letters

So back to the Birthday celebrations. Zoyah gave me the most lovely scrapbook with all of these nice things that my friends wrote about me. I know, I have friends. Isn't that crazy? But it nearly made me cry which was so nuts. She outdid her self in her Martha Stewart-esque obsessive compulsive way. I want to carry it around and show people how great I am. I think that might be taking it too far though :)
I decided to do away with the big gathering and am going to have smaller ones. A kickoff dinner with my friend Michael tomorrow. I'm excited. I love gatherings. But tonite, a staff gathering at Steamworks, which will be nice. We can all bitch about things. The first game in the Anaheim series is on tonite. I hope we chew them up and spit them out.
Alright. I promise I will blog again...sooner. I'm beyond lazy sometimes!