Saturday, April 7, 2007

If God is Watching Us, The Least We Can Do is Be Entertaining

Current Mood: Nearly asleep, even though its only 3pm. Stupid next door raisin had a party with all her ape friends. Nobody slept. Thank God, i'm kind of deaf, all I had to do is cover my ear with a pillow and at about 3 I drifted off.

Current Song: That song from the Chrysler Advert...twoooo of us, is juuuuust know the one.

Watched the Stacy London Show yesterday. It's alright. But she inspired me to do the following thing: My life in 5 outfits. I dont have pictures, but you should get the point.

Outfit 1: Blue Checkered dress, and Bloomers
Age: 4
I have a picture of my first day at Shady Garden Nursery School. I have a straw sun hat, and there is picture of a very worried looking me going off to her first day. The dress and bloomers were uniform, not chosen. I've spent the better part of my life in uniform. Maybe it's a good stabilizing force, but I refuse to remain Anonymous! Behold!

Outfit 2: Yellow satin and lace twist dress
Age 8
it's most memorable, because that was the one that I wore to my birthday party. The only one I ever had. The one I never wanted to have. I miss the chocolate cake immensely however. I wish I had some now in fact...mmmmmmmmmm....cake!

Outfit 3: A black top with sheer sleeves and gold buttons, and a dotted pleated skirt
Age: 14
This was where the black phase began. Oh I shall never give it up. Never! Still love black. Most memorable thing about it, is that it was the first time a boy told me I looked nice. Not pretty, just nice, and that was enough. The compliments have obviously increased since then *wink wink*.

Outfit 4: The rose and grey iridescent grad dress
Age 18
How can you not forget your first formal wear. Lovely flowing french chiffon gown made by my mom. I also just remember it, because that was a crazy kind of night. Since, I have forgotten everything prior to turning 20. That's probably a good thing. Formative years are odd.

Outfit 5: tweed boyfriend pants (minus the boyfriend), white button down shirt, and boots
Age 24
This is classic Mehnaz. This is the one that I am now and the one that i'm going to grow up to be. Luckily I age well, so you shouldn't be able to tell 24 year old from 40 year old mehnaz. Just you watch the evolution :)

Okay, that took up the rest of my brain power....until another day!