Thursday, April 19, 2007

D Day...uh, I mean B Day

So, today was my fateful quarter century turning point. I think it went swimmingly. We did nothing, no huge surprises and phone calls from well wishers and close friends. Just the way I like it. I was surprised by a few people who I didn't expect would remember and they did, which is always a lovely feeling. Some that I thought would remember didn't, which in the end is whatever it's supposed to be. It's sometimes better left in God's hands.
Apparently, I have one present to come, which my sister has been toiling over, and which I won't be receiving until after the weekend at some point. Not to worry. She is Martha Stewart, so I'm sure whatever it is she's got in store will be perfect and wonderful just like her :)

Many people asked me how I felt today. I have to say, my general feeling for today was one of surprising peacefulness. There were no sudden panic attacks to go out and have babies. There was no mass application for CEO positions. I did not bid on a house, or buy a car...or go to Maui. I'm saving those for when I have my nervous breakdown. In general it was a lovely and peaceful kind of day. I have many plans over the next few weeks to meet with friends, so we can toast my age, and future so bright I'm going to need sunglasses.
So a toast then to all things wonderful, to unbeatable futures and a nod to the gods. *cheers*
Enjoy it, because on monday I'm going to go back to ranting in full force :)