Saturday, April 28, 2007

Never Hit a Man with Glasses. Hit him with Something Bigger and Heavier


Current Mood: really full. tummy can't expand anymore :(

Current song: The themesong from Hanging with Mr. Cooper. What a horrible show. i miss it.

I'm waiting for something exciting to happen. At this point, I'll take anything really. I'm not picky. I'm not.
i changed the picture on the side of my blog again. In honour of the arrival of some pieces by my favourite surrealists that will be at the Vancouver Art Gallery in June. I'm looking forward to it. I think almost everyone knows the melting clock by Salvador Dali. It's actually called "Perception of Time". I guess it's because time has this weird fluidity even though it's cut into little countable bits. For instance, my past is one giant blur. Sometimes I can't tell whether it was february or may when something happened. Time is water-soluble I guess. I will of course be going to the exhibition. I love art and I love Dali. I even have an england picture beside the huge sculpture of this same painting. It's awesome
Speaking of time, I watched the Lake House today. It was Orwell meets Stephen Spielberg. Not a clash of symbals kind of a movie, but indeed interesting. I quite liked it. Zoyah said that she thought it would sappy and promptly went to bed after insulting me. But i really like Sandra Bullock and I thought the whole concept of missing out on someone because of weird time warps is interesting. as you can tell, mine will not be a normal lovestory. I'm pretty sure Robots will be involved.
Anywho, it's late and i should probably get to sleep. tomorrow the grand lunch!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kick in the Pants


Current Mood: Bo(red)

Current Song: "Gold In Them Hills" Ron Sexsmith and Chris Martin

I'm so proud of myself. I did my first ever push up today. Okay, so it wasn't a full push up and I fell on my face after 2 half push-ups. But Still! I have jelly arms so that's a move up. God did not bless my family with any upper body strength. You should see my mother flex. This whole weights thing seems to be working out. I have some muscle definition now. Some!

So I finished "This Side of Paradise". Not nearly as good as the Great Gatsby, which I preferred by far! Now I started "Family Resemblances" by Anne Cameron. I don't generally read a lot of Anne Cameron because she writes about the wilderness and small excluded communities and we all know how I feel about the wilderness! I did get absorbed and read until midnight yesterday. That's a good sign. I hope it keeps up or I'll be writing some angry letters

So back to the Birthday celebrations. Zoyah gave me the most lovely scrapbook with all of these nice things that my friends wrote about me. I know, I have friends. Isn't that crazy? But it nearly made me cry which was so nuts. She outdid her self in her Martha Stewart-esque obsessive compulsive way. I want to carry it around and show people how great I am. I think that might be taking it too far though :)
I decided to do away with the big gathering and am going to have smaller ones. A kickoff dinner with my friend Michael tomorrow. I'm excited. I love gatherings. But tonite, a staff gathering at Steamworks, which will be nice. We can all bitch about things. The first game in the Anaheim series is on tonite. I hope we chew them up and spit them out.
Alright. I promise I will blog again...sooner. I'm beyond lazy sometimes!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

There's Too Much Blood In My Caffeine System!


Current Song: Can't Wait by Sterr (don't ask, the chorus has been stuck in my head for days...i'm vascillating between that and indian classical music...they just don't go well together)

Current mood: Itchy...stupid eczema!

Quiet weekend. Zoyah has gone to nelson for a choir/band trip..lucky geek. So spent the weekend at home, staring at my mother. We did go out for dinner with the gran, which was all good.

Today, I watched the new documentary by Irshad Manji called "Faith without Fear" in which she discusses her stance on her favourite subject: Islam. I thought I would have to poke my own eyes out from sinning, but the woman makes a good point. A really good point in that there is nothing wrong with the faith of Islam. It's rather the people who dictate the kind of light that it is seen in. Islam is often seen as a faith of knowledge, where there is no distinction between faith and reason. There is no war between science and religion. They marry well into eachother. What she often tries to do is to question these things, and debate about the changes that need to occur. However, her way of doing it can be slightly raw or offensive to some. But her point is, that there needs to be some discomfort, some questioning and some debate in order to incite change for the betterment of a world that seems to be slowly going down the crapper. I agree with some of the things she said. Trust me, as the black sheep in the family, I raise all kinds of hell all the time, much to the chagrin of my understandingly lenient mother. So question and seek are the big lessons. Knowledge is the key to understanding afterall

We also watched Namaste London, indian movie, so much much less educational. It wasn't insipid, mind numbing tripe like I thought it would be. Rather an enjoyable one. Afterall, sometimes even us smart ones get sick of thinking all the time.
Well then, I've done my time. So I shall go back to the snore-fest they call "the other side of paradise"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

D Day...uh, I mean B Day


So, today was my fateful quarter century turning point. I think it went swimmingly. We did nothing, no huge surprises and phone calls from well wishers and close friends. Just the way I like it. I was surprised by a few people who I didn't expect would remember and they did, which is always a lovely feeling. Some that I thought would remember didn't, which in the end is whatever it's supposed to be. It's sometimes better left in God's hands.
Apparently, I have one present to come, which my sister has been toiling over, and which I won't be receiving until after the weekend at some point. Not to worry. She is Martha Stewart, so I'm sure whatever it is she's got in store will be perfect and wonderful just like her :)

Many people asked me how I felt today. I have to say, my general feeling for today was one of surprising peacefulness. There were no sudden panic attacks to go out and have babies. There was no mass application for CEO positions. I did not bid on a house, or buy a car...or go to Maui. I'm saving those for when I have my nervous breakdown. In general it was a lovely and peaceful kind of day. I have many plans over the next few weeks to meet with friends, so we can toast my age, and future so bright I'm going to need sunglasses.
So a toast then to all things wonderful, to unbeatable futures and a nod to the gods. *cheers*
Enjoy it, because on monday I'm going to go back to ranting in full force :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When in Doubt, Poke It With a Stick


Current Mood: Awake and slightly cold

Current Song: Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days. Which is good for now anyway. Too much excitement makes me feel like I need to start taking something. I'm just chugging along in this life here, not minding too many things at the moment. I am getting slightly sick of facebook though. It appears to be technology's answer to heroin. And you thought I didn't have an addictive personality. It turns out I do. I get hooked on things quite easily, especially when they feed my expanding ego. ever-expanding addiction....I'm beyond help!
Anyway, something fun to tell you about. I am sure you're heard of Yann Martel. He is most famously known for writing "The Life of Pi". Terribly hard to read I thought. But those are the ones that make life worth living. Whoever said reading was easy (trust me, I've been reading "This Side of Paradise" for about a month's exhausting!). I digress. Yann Martel has a new sight called Apparently Stephen Harper is artistically...uhm....deceased. So Mr. Martel is sending him a book every two weeks, and waiting for a response. I think that's brilliant. Heck, I'm going to take Yann up on the books he recommends too! What the hell. but first, I need to get through the 10 that I have lying on my shelf. How dire....

Right, i should get to today's topic huh. Alright then. Today's topic: Coming into your own. I liked my twenties (they haven't finished yet) because I find that this is a time you really get to figure out who you are on your own terms. Not on anyone else's. Teenage years are weird. you feel like somehow you owe people something by being who they want you to be. I like my twenties because now I'm in my own skin. I like turning things on their head and questioning until my eyeballs fall out. Yes, I'm still trying to figure some things out. What I want in my future partner turned out not be what I thought I wanted at all. Time to reevaluate. It's also a good time because you define success on your own grounds. Success is not making money or owning a condo or several cars. Success is waking up with a purpose every day and knowing what you are here on earth for. Success is finding the value in each situation, no matter how useless it may be. Success is trusting that if you make a mistake, you have not abandoned your sense of value. I like my skin in my twenties. It's starting to feel like my own. I'm finally starting to grow into who I want to be and finding some value in my actions.
Okay, enough of this. I should do something useful...possibly of value....possibly of calorie....
Until soon.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

If I Died Today....


Current Mood: Wide awake, I am full of rich food from Vij's and now can't bring myself to sleep

Current Song: Would I lie to you (don't ask why)

We took mum for her birthday dinner. She had no idea where we were going as we drove further and further away from our comforting Burnaby. We took her out to Vij's, a dining experience all of its own. Given the fact that they don't take reservations, we had to wait for nearly 2 hours to get a table because the place was packed. Luckily two hours went by super-fast with the constant run of free hors d'oeuvres in the lounge/bar area. The food was phenomenal once we did have a seat. If I died, my idea of heaven would be Vikram Vij making me dinner up on the clouds, because it's phenomenal and well worth the wait. But we all know I'm going to hell, which means my chef will be Bobby Flay (god, I hate that guy!). It was a true fusion of Indian food and contemporary west coast cuisine. The meat was so tender, it was like eating babies (I have become quite Swiftian lately with the baby cannibalism...I like the shock value :[ ) Well worth the money and time. I would fully recommend you to go down there and have a meal. Located on W. 11th and Granville, easy access. I am currently satiated to a whole other level

So as promised, here is my reminiscing about old age. Today's topic: If I could change something.....
If I could change anything in my past life, I wouldn't change a damned thing. I am grateful for every opportunity and every scarring moment. I feel like I have been "seasoned" and really am starting to feel comfortable with the kind of person I have become (sarcasm and cellulite inclusive!). I have no regrets whatsoever in my life. Sometimes we think back and say, wish I had done this differently. I have come to terms with the fact that things are just what they are, and that experience builds us into phenomenal human beings. I have been lucky and blessed all my life. That and god has been kind enough to me, that I am starting to forget anything prior to age 20. I have mild recollections of hurtful things. This keeps me from dwelling, which if you are me, is a very good thing. I thank the past and look forward to a bright and wonderful future. Suddenly, Vij's has made me an optimist. Enjoy it, for tomorrow I shall go back to my curmudgeonly ways!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Giving Birth is Like Taking your Lower Lip and Forcing It Over Your Head


(above quote: Carol Burnett)

Current Mood: General apathy

Current Song: Good things by Nelly Furtado

So yesterday was "the mom's" birthday. We got her a present, and she managed to ruin her own surprise by finding out where we had hidden her birthday cinammon bun. Oh well, her funeral. We are taking her out for dinner tomorrow. Hopefully she doesn't ruin that for herself too.

For the next week, I plan to talk about the various aspects of my life, as I lead up to my 25th. I have been reflecting a lot, looking at my skin age, noting my choice of wording, reminiscing about past happenings and future endeavours. Today's topic: the mom cult.
I watched a new comedy show yesterday called "notes from the underbelly". It's about a bunch of couples who are preparing to have their babies and the various shenanigans ensue as a result thereof. There is one single friend, who has the exact demeanour! I love when i can peg people who are like me.

The mommy cult seems to be growing amongst my generation already. I'm not sure how many people are now new moms. They have that ultra glow on their faces as they gaze down at some wrinkly surly thing that they are going to love, and possibly deal with all of their lives. i can't say that i might enjoy that kind of experience. Just last week, there was that huggies advert on TV with that little girl who is playing teaparty with her dad. I watched with the same emotional outburst I would have if I was watching a car tire advert. Then i turned to my mother and said, "Is it okay if I say I don't like that kid?". She replied that she didn't like her either. Whew! Perhaps one day I might think of adopting (BC has the largest population of unadopted children in foster care in all of Canada. i will think of it as my one good deed in this world to give some child a good home...because we all know that other than that, I'm going straight to hell).
For those who are moms, bless your hearts, I hope your children grow up to be upstanding citizens of this world. Not those spaghetti throwing, screaming ankle biters that some people end up having. For now, I'm going to abstain from joining any kind of mommy cult in the future. I have other things to do. if you see a mommy parade one day, i'm the one in the back drinking a martini and paging through a vogue magazine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tomorrow Will be Cancelled, Due to Lack of Interest


Current Mood: I should be sleepy, but instead I feel like my head will explode

Current Song: that Gymclass Heroes song...with the crumping cherub

I am up to my ass in paperwork. It's a tad on the ridiculous side. I think God likes to play tricks on me. I have often thought so. i have often said so too. he gives me nothing to do for aeons and then springs every thing on me all at once, and says, here...go nuts! And so I did.

Still very much to do. Oh the birthdays are coming up. One is in a couple of days, and the other is next week. i think i want to go and hide, until it all passes over me.
I did have a productive weekend though. We did a bunch of shopping. Zoyah and I went to a Hockey game on Thursday...Canucks vs Colorado, which we sadly lost. However, it was a terribly slow game and the Avalanche were on us like white on rice. It's fun to go however, because I'm surrounded by eye candy. So much eye candy. That's the best kind because it's low calorie :)
I'm happy also with my new purchases: a much needed pair of runners, a pair of black awesome sunglasses (I am notorious for losing my sunglasses...that's why I buy cheap ones), flip flops, and best of all my $3 Coldplay tshirt. Coldplay happens to be one of my favourite bands, and getting a tshirt was 3 bucks is like meeting Chris Martin, and him asking you to come to a picnic with Him and Gwen and Moses and Apple. So I'm happy. heeeeee!

On a side note, ever felt terribly bad about not following something iconic that everyone likes? I always feel hideous about saying that I don't REALLY like The Beatles. I'm sorry to say, but the music gives me no sensory experience that follows me through my day. And I always feel like I might be attacked by a mob if I say I hate them, because apparently they are not dislikable. I get the kind of reaction you'd get if you were basting a baby for dinner. It's not that bad. I don't like the Beatles. Deal with it. And if you don't like me for it, then that's just peachy. Imagine....lord.....
Okay, I have more paperwork to clear away tomorrow, so i shall see what I shall see. Until some other time..ciao!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

If God is Watching Us, The Least We Can Do is Be Entertaining


Current Mood: Nearly asleep, even though its only 3pm. Stupid next door raisin had a party with all her ape friends. Nobody slept. Thank God, i'm kind of deaf, all I had to do is cover my ear with a pillow and at about 3 I drifted off.

Current Song: That song from the Chrysler Advert...twoooo of us, is juuuuust know the one.

Watched the Stacy London Show yesterday. It's alright. But she inspired me to do the following thing: My life in 5 outfits. I dont have pictures, but you should get the point.

Outfit 1: Blue Checkered dress, and Bloomers
Age: 4
I have a picture of my first day at Shady Garden Nursery School. I have a straw sun hat, and there is picture of a very worried looking me going off to her first day. The dress and bloomers were uniform, not chosen. I've spent the better part of my life in uniform. Maybe it's a good stabilizing force, but I refuse to remain Anonymous! Behold!

Outfit 2: Yellow satin and lace twist dress
Age 8
it's most memorable, because that was the one that I wore to my birthday party. The only one I ever had. The one I never wanted to have. I miss the chocolate cake immensely however. I wish I had some now in fact...mmmmmmmmmm....cake!

Outfit 3: A black top with sheer sleeves and gold buttons, and a dotted pleated skirt
Age: 14
This was where the black phase began. Oh I shall never give it up. Never! Still love black. Most memorable thing about it, is that it was the first time a boy told me I looked nice. Not pretty, just nice, and that was enough. The compliments have obviously increased since then *wink wink*.

Outfit 4: The rose and grey iridescent grad dress
Age 18
How can you not forget your first formal wear. Lovely flowing french chiffon gown made by my mom. I also just remember it, because that was a crazy kind of night. Since, I have forgotten everything prior to turning 20. That's probably a good thing. Formative years are odd.

Outfit 5: tweed boyfriend pants (minus the boyfriend), white button down shirt, and boots
Age 24
This is classic Mehnaz. This is the one that I am now and the one that i'm going to grow up to be. Luckily I age well, so you shouldn't be able to tell 24 year old from 40 year old mehnaz. Just you watch the evolution :)

Okay, that took up the rest of my brain power....until another day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Past Haunts You Like a Bitch


Current Mood: Rearing to go for my run

Current Song: My Love by JT (but only the first 2 lines of the song...over and over)

The above quote in my title is courtesy of my mother. I have been thinking about the past a lot these days. Probably because I'm coming to that 25 year mark pretty soon. So I was reminiscing about how we repeat ourselves over and over and I said to my mom while sitting at the kitchen table, scraping at the bottom of my yogurt tin, "Ma, isn't it funny how the past comes back and follows you around?" and her reply was "The Past haunts you like a bitch". It was the funniest thing I had heard all day. Oh good old, calm petite mum, so full of bitterness. Got to love her to pieces.

The Bachelor started yesterday. Andy is a cute one. Wow, you should check out those feel like going in for a closer look to make sure they're real *wink wink*. He's no Travis though.....I still love Travis and always will. Andy also reminds me vaguely of someone in my life, but i havent quite figured out who that might be. This shall require more thinking I think. The girls are horrible as usual. Why are we so horrible. We are the smarter, more complex sex, and yet......foolish all the same. I cheated on the Hills, so I feel bad about that. Oh well, I'm sure the Hills will understand.

Finished House by the Sea. Aside from the very obvious editing and grammatical mistakes, it's a good book. Now started This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald (of Gatsby Fame). It reads a bit Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray, but we'll see how that all turns out in the end.

Also, I'm compelled to tell you that Zoyah and I are in a "most annoying song lyrics" contest over facebook. I play to win, and so does she, which really means that this thing could go on for years...possibly even decades until one of us gives in. And you know we won't. She's hitting me with show tunes (I hate musicals) and I'm hitting her with anything common, and advert jingles :) I will keep you posted on who wins!

Alright, I'm off for my run. It's a gorgeous and cold cold day so i'm going to go and enjoy it for half an hour or so...ciao!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Biological Clock Just Ran Out of Batteries


Current Mood: awake (don't ask for more)

Current Song: My Own Concocted Medley (I haven't settled on a mood for today as yet...the song will depend on the mood).

On Friday, Noorin and I attended a community rally to fight breast cancer. It was interesting. There was food, and free breast cancer pins. I love pins. I have many pins. Gordon Campbell was there. He has to be the king of soundbites. I love orchestrated media opportunities. They give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. But I think the cause is important. Cancer is quickly becoming one of those nuisances in our lives. Best to fight it. Good strides being made such as the shot for women for cervical cancer. Hopefully some day in the future we will be able to eliminate it.
It's been a nice few days so I've been spending some time outside. Mostly sneezing, but also enjoying the weather, which is nice you know?
Last night, we watched a rather violent movie called Parzania. It was about the parsis who were caught in the muslim-hindu crossfire at the Ahmedabad riots. Interesting movie. a bit gory, but I was up for it. In case you are wondering, the parsis are a very small community of people who originally came from persia, and settled into the Indian subcontinent. They speak Gujerati mostly (like many ismailis), are very well educated, and liberal. The actor in the movie said that they are the "jews of india". Quite agreeable I think.
Funny thing, there are a few groups like the Ismailis and the jews that have this odd blend of cultures. It sort of makes us rootless, but at the same time, we are good chameleons. I bet you I am a blend of a few different things. One of these days it would be interesting to find out what my roots are. India is cool, but I bet you there is some middle eastern in there as well.
So, am not going to go running today. My body is aching. perhaps I should take a break.
Can't believe it's april. Beautiful, cherry blossom imbued April. How lovely. The birthday is coming up soon, which makes me a bit ill, but you know...I have got to face this thing when it arrives. Be kind to me on my birthday. Not too much craziness please :)
Alright, done for now....will check in soon!