Thursday, March 1, 2007

What's a Knife in the Back if you Can't Twist It :)

Current state of mind: Tired, but not sleepy

Current song: I can never be your woman by Whitetown (It came out in 1998 or something, along with that latin craze. God, 1998 was terrible)

My sister and I discovered a new show. Its called "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader". Apparently we are not. We were tired and couldn't spell allegiance. How terrible is that, and I pride myself on being the grammar police. Though I got that question about the suffixes right. Which is good, because otherwise, how stupid would I be. It is an american show so they asked some pretty odd questions like how many teaspoons in five tablespoons. Who learns that??? Not me. Plus if you're indian, you don't measure, you chuck things into a pot. A bit, is more than a pinch, and a smidge. Some is more than a bit, and a lot means a LOT. 8 or 9 of something, actually means 15 or so. I have taken on this method of craziness when cooking. I figure I might as well torture the kids that I have with this same method. They're obviously going to have to learn to fend for themselves because I'll probably end up forgetting them at the store or something. I'm so incompetent.

Anyway, I think i'm going to go and read. It's getting late. I hope I can get to sleep tonight. I havent been able to in the last couple of days. I am starting to get bags under my eyes. I'll probably have to check them in next time i travel if this keeps up. See you all after the weekend. I plan to shop. Expect a full recap!