Monday, March 12, 2007

Things I miss....

Current Mood: Drugged

Current Song: The Pair by Marc Robillard (Canada's answer to Jack Johnson)

I've been wanting to write about things I miss. I don't want them back necessarily but it would be nice sometimes if they showed up for no reason.

The old swing in my house in Africa
Hanging out on the balcony
She-rah Princess of power (I always wanted to be her, but I'm brown)
Those terrible no name chocolate chip cookies from when I first came to canada (they tasted like shoes)
Old House smells
The smurfs in arabic (Papa smurf is Baba Samfoor)
Shows like "under the umbrella tree" and "shoe people" and "Poddington Peas" and "Me and You"
Big Art Attacks
That beaded dress I used to wear to the Beach
Coffee from London
The smell of Sainsbury's
Spinach Gum

Just as I suspected, spring has arrived and so have the first of my allergies. It wasn't pleasant. I went for a run today...i'll wait until you get off the floor and back onto your chairs........
So I went for a run today, and it was sunny and it made my lungs hurt because it was cold, but worth it by gum. I came home and the pollen had made my eyes red and itchy so I'm in a painless yet bloated stupor right's far too terrible....but it was good to get a bit of sun so I don't look like a vampire and scare neighbourhood children (though too sweet a delight).
Also finished Jacques Carpentiers Rue St. Denis. It was alright. Far from scary. but then again nothing scares me, except perhaps dogs and commitment. I haven't been scared since I read monsters in my school when I was 9. After that, I have yet to find anything that frightening...except dogs and commitment.
Now I have started Jan Thornhill's Drought. Shall see how it goes. The first story left me a bit parched.... Okay me and my delapidated self will go to sleep now. Have a good day everyone!