Thursday, March 15, 2007

Talent Show (And Bald Men)

We went to the Talent show yesterday, Zoyah's talent show. She did really well. She sings beautifully (she's the talented one in the family. I am merely the awesome one). My mom calls the talent show, "all those noisy kids" because there are student bands that play. Some good, some uh....need work. I quite like the live music (or noise). I think my mother hates electric guitars. Sort of funny because she's trying with all her might not to plug her ears. Below, a picture of my sister in her element. Isn't she pretty? SHE'S MINE!

Okay, so I've fallen in love (yes, again).....but this time with someone really really old! My mom and I watched a really good movie called Abdulla. It's about this guy who is muslim and lives in the desert by himself, and he finds a baby that is hindu and has to raise him. Then there are bandits and all kinds of fun stuff that go on for like 8 hours. But anyway the guy who plays the Sheikh (which is like Prince), his name is Sanjay Khan. I totally thought he was hot. He's really old now, but I would marry him. He also has a brother whose name is Feroz Khan. He's totally hot too and old, but it doesn't matter. Pictures below. They're pretty wicked. Feroz Khan is bald, which is hot. Something about bald guys. For some reason I think they're more honest because they can't hide stuff in their hair (they don't have any). My favourite one at the moment (flavour of the month) is Ami James, a tattoo artist from Miami Beach. He has this really old man smile, which I love. But he could totally kick your ass if you mess with him. He takes crap from nobody. He's no Feroz Khan, but he'll do. oooooh. Okay, so first picture. Feroz Khan. dude, he could kick your butt. don't mess with this guy. he's kickin'. Second guy his brother Sanjay, but way back in the seventies. he's the one hugging that girl. Tell me that's not the face of an angel.
I know my mom is embarrassed of me right I'll just leave it at that....