Thursday, March 22, 2007

Strange Dreams, Warm Tents, and Rain

Current Mood: Achy

Current Song: Je Serai La by Teri Moise (great french singer)

I'm staring at the rain right now. i could really use a sunny day. It's been relentless, unceasing, constant, and its glooming me out now. There is only so much I can love it. It's like family you can take enough of it, but not more (sorry mom and zoyah...i hate you both...kidding). I want to wear sunglasses and get skin rashes from the UV. I miss the itchy redness...that's how much I miss it.

Yesterday was the new year. Meh. Not terribly exciting frankly, but what can you do. More hugging, and smiling, and dressing up and then it was over in one hot flash. The food, always good. The people, always enchanting *rolls eyes*. Now the big PNE deal this weekend. That should be interesting to say the least. You never really know with these things. I shall give you the necessary update/wardrobe phenomenon.

I had the strangest dream last night...actually sort of midmorning. I dreamt that we were in London, and we walked into this strange little indian shop. It was dark, and looked more like something you'd see in India. So this place smelled like sandalwood, and sold all of these little religious nicknacks. I stopped by a shelf of wooden snakes all in different positions. i saw a coiled up wooden snake carving, and I went to touch it and it hissed at me! Then the other ones started to hiss. It didn't try to bite, but I woke up rather perturbed.
So I checked it up of course.
According to, the snake if it bites, can be seen as a warning against a person or event in your life. If positive, it represents wisdom. It can also stand for male/sex. You know which one I'm hoping for :P
Wood may mean that I'm dead inside (I told you!), or can represent Wisdom or Spritual Energy, also that you need to think things through before you do them.
So if I put these things together, I'm guessing the entrance of some sort of spiritual wisdom in my life....or perhaps a wise male *wink wink* strange....not sure if I believe in dream interpretation. I do have a strong sense of intuition though, which often are correct. I also have deja vu at times....I'm odd aren't i?
Anyway, time to go flounder about now.....see you all after the PNE events!