Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Semi-Charmed Life

I feel sad for Anna Nicole. Not because she was particularly good at anything, but because she has been decomposing for a month now, and they only just buried her. If I do become famous, I want to be famous for being a recluse. I think that will be best. I don't like how everything got completely scrutinized in her funeral. They even went so far as to tell us that the casket cover was made of the hair of angels and washed in the tears of babies. Who cares, it's going in the dirt. That is not a dignified way to die. I know by the end of my life, I'll have done plenty of things wrong (heck, i'm counting on it), but the one last thing you should be able to do is leave this earth with dignity. sad really.

On the other hand, I am almost done my book. It's making me a bit sad and making me think of unrequited love. I hate being weepy. Perhaps there's something in the air....I should have to buck up soon...or buck off.

I am terribly happy that spring is in the air though :) Despite the allergies that are going to come parading into my life like clowns in some circus freak show, I'm happy to be able to smell earth and flowers again. Stupid snow...ruined my life! I can't wait until it gets to be brighter outside....boy am I schizophrenic today...i went from weepy to maniacal in two sentences....
I think sleep is calling perhaps....