Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lead Me Not to Temptation, I can Find My Own Way There

Yay! Fun weekend! (kind of). On Friday, someone tipped me off to a huge Cole's booksale. 2 books for a buck! That's practically free. So I temporarily lost my mind and bought 10 of them. Then I had to lug them around for the rest of the day, but boy howdy! Did the collection ever grow! I even got a couple of those crazy Shakespeare plays (Julius Caesar and Much Ado About Nothing). Lovely. I'm very excited. Now to get reading! I sucker myself into these horrible situations, where now I have to read these books....I don't know why I do this....will keep you updated on progress!

Today I went shopping. I get lost at metrotown, perhaps driving there is more than my brain can handle. But I made it there and back without actually killing anyone. I got a dress! It's blue and fancy. I don't think I've had a dress in a very long time. Probably since that festive one I wore for my 8th birthday. zoyah and I had a good shopping day. We got everything really fast, and then we spent some time waffling around the mall. We couldnt believe how quick and painless it was. Generally, it's hard work! Now I have something to wear for the new year coming up, where I have to pretend I like people again. I dare they disrupt me hermit-like ways.
If I were to be anything in this lifetime, I'd likely be a shut-in.

Okay, it's getting late, so I should probably sleep perchance to dream...or wake up in a cold sweat grinding my teeth...whatever comes first....ta!