Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm not Stupid...yessssssssss!

What a fun weekend. I'm tired. I really should be in bed now because my eyes are closing.
We watched "The Holiday" this weekend. I thought it was such a cute movie. Now, I'm not one for chick flicks. They usually make me ill, and i just can't take all of that lovey-dovey stuff all at once (reason number 534 why I'm single). But I thought it was such a good movie. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside...until I realized that I had a bounce sheet in my shirt....
No really, very good movie...I recommend it if you haven't already seen it :)

Today, they had Test the Nation on CBC, which was an interactive IQ test that you can take on TV. It was apparently based on real IQ tests. Each question had a time limit and they tested on 5 areas of cognition i.e. logic, math, language, perception and memory. I'm happy to say that I'm not stupid. I scored at 120 (which is above normal THANK GOD!). Normal IQ's range from 90-110. Anything below 90 indicated mental deficiency (I predicted I'd fall here) and anything above 110 indicates superior intelligence. I scored highest on Language and lowest on math (Surprise, surprise). Glad to not be dumb. I once took the US equivalent of test the nation and scored an unequivocal 128. That wasn't quite right I didn't think, but maybe Canadians are smarter than Americans. Who knows. If you want to take an IQ test, you can at How smart are you?

Also, I have never laughed this hard in a long time. We had the pleasure of going over for a late lunch to a friend of my mother's house (I know you read this blog....thank you! It was lovely! ). Their daughters, though older than Zoyah and Me are very much like us. Freakishly so! Too much fun. Angelic people. We must do it again!
Anyway, now i'm tired. Might go and read something...then go to sleep....long praying, festive week ahead of me...ack!